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Re: Krutzel's Spirited Sprites There's a typo in the a-SS-summer.bat: terspruces instead of ter-spruces.

Great mod, hope it will get even more updates.

October 15, 2023, 12:36:27 AM
Re: Krutzel's Spirited Sprites
I was hoping to work further on plants, but due to lack of inspiration and health reasons, I haven't been working on it for a while now.
It's absolutely possible I'll get back to it some day, at least I hope so! I also had some ideas for the character generator Night and I made, we'll see :)

Best wishes, hope you'll feel better soon!

October 17, 2023, 04:45:58 PM
Re: [Solved] Any way to find accidentally unleashed animal? Thanks to @Erkka, who sent me a link to this thread, I've managed to find my cow. Poor thing had been killed by a wolf :c .

Short howto for those who would happen to need it:

1. Open msglog.txt in your character's folder.
2. Find the last message about unleashing your animal. It looks like this: (3C5A98):52jf:[:]{06AB02EB} | You unleash *animal_name*.
3. {06AB02EB} are coordinates of the world tile, where you unleashed your animal. Copy them and past somewhere.
4. Now perform any action in game and scroll to the last line of msglog.txt. You'll see something like this: (3C5A98):a2je:[:]{07CE0477} | You ski.
5. {07CE0477} are coordinates of the tile where your character is at the moment. Copy them too.
6. First four hex digits are longitude, next four digits are latitude. Now you need to perform some math.
7. Open your calc app and swith it to hex mode.
7.1. Substract lesser longitude value from greater one and convert the result to decimal. Let it be X. If the tile where you lost your animal has lesser longitude value than your current position, you need to go west for X tiles, otherwise go east.
7.2. Substract lesser latitude value from greater one and convert the result to decimal. Let it be Y. If the tile where you lost your animal has lesser latitude value than your current position, you need to go north for Y tiles, otherwise go south.
8. When you manage to get to the place, zoom in and check your current coordinates in the last line of msglog.txt to make sure they are the same as coordinates of the tile where you lost your animal.
9. Now just search the tile for tracks, and have a good luck!

October 19, 2023, 10:49:43 AM
[3.82] Paul's Simple Things: build a well, repair linen, nettle, woolen clothing Hi everyone!

Well, I like UrW like it is, and this mod adds just a few things I've been lacking. First, having a water supply in my homestead. It becomes pretty annoiyng over time to go back and forth for water. And second, repairing all kinds of clothing. It's a bit strange that in vanilla game you're able to easily repair things made of fur and leather, and completely helpless when it comes to clothes made of other material.

So, now it is possible to construct a well beside your house. You'll see a "Well" in the Building menu (Alt+B). In this mod it is really hard job, so you won't be able to dig a lake. Feels pretty fair to me.

As for clothing, there are three new options under the Handcraft menu (+ or M), one submenu for each kind of clothing. Well, it is not real repairing, as this mechanic, AFAIK, isn't available for modding. In fact, you create new item out of worn-out one.

The general recipe is pretty simple: say, if you want to "repair" woollen socks, you'll need a needle (craftable, the option is placed under each clothing submenu), some yarn (linen for linen clothes, nettle for nettle ones, and hemp for clothes of wool — just for things to not be too easy), a pair of worn-out socks and (new wollen socks weight)x2.5 of any woollen rags. Such expense of material imitates cutting out appropriate pieces of cloth, to make the process feel a bit more realistic. Quality of repaired clothing is capped to decent (at least I tried to).

Thanks to:
@Brygun for BAC, which is the source of code for building a well
@mlangsdorf for the idea of repairing things this way and his code I used as an example
@Xaidread from UrW discord, who helped me to make the well code work

To install the mod, just unzip it to the game's folder.
Feel free to comment, suggest and criticize.

UPD 1.1:
  • fixed typos
  • added woollen footrags recipe
UPD 1.2:
  • lowered unnecessary high effort when repairing clothing

November 12, 2023, 07:12:38 PM