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[3.63] [3.62] Game freezes on exit if audio device has been unplugged Setup: URW 3.63, Windows 10.0.19041.508, Realtek High Definition Audio, single 3.5 rear socket working, eventual switching from speacker to headphones and viсe versa.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Run the game. No matter if you click any menu item or not.
2. Unplug your audio device. No matter if you plug it back, plug another device or do nothing more at all.
3. Click Quit, wait for the final reminder screen to appear.
4. Press any key, like usual.
5. UrW freezes and you have to force close it.

Can't say for sure if it's a bug, yet it had been pretty annoying until I've figured out the reason. Solution is simple though, no touching 3.5 jack while playing.

October 11, 2020, 04:21:21 PM
Re: Finding my arrows Loosing arrows is one of things that make UrW feel so realistic to me. After all, feeling pain is an important part of playing roguelikes.
October 11, 2020, 08:23:52 PM
Fjara the Huntress of Owl-tribe. A Quest for Mother I read some of the stories here and all of a sudden got inspired a bit. So now gonna give it a try and write a few stories of mine. Can't say for sure what will come of it, but anyway it's fun to share experiences (and a good opportunity to practice English, as I'm not a native speaker). Sorry for probable mistakes, and feel free to correct me or just comment.

And, of course, thank you Sami and Erkka and everyone who takes part in UnReal World development. This game really helps to cope with my depression. Can't even say how glad I am that I came upon it a couple years ago.

October 11, 2020, 10:46:39 PM
Re: Fjara the Huntress of Owl-tribe. A Quest for Mother FJARA OF OWL-TRIBE
Current game course: The UnReal World.
Completed game courses: Living in the Wild, Advanced Adventures.
Starting scenario: Not All Who Wander Are Lost.
Stats and skills: Attached.

October 11, 2020, 11:12:01 PM
Re: Buying expensive items by selling boards, paw-boards, stakes and wooden bowls ? Yep, it's possible if you want a bit more fun and less pain in the early game.

I haven't played UrW for a long time, so when I started playing again a couple weeks ago I've decided to roll good stats and to spend some time grinding board so as to get my characted at least partially equipped for adventures. Somehow, making boards and trading ha turned out to be some kind of fun... so I've spent about nine hours grinding boards and buying expensive stuff. Honestly, I don't know why — . At long last I've got a plenty of masterwork items, mail armour, a couple cows, a bull, two dogs and a dozen bags of salt.

Here's how you grind my way:

1. Get an axe if you don't have one. Preferrably a woodsman's one.
2. Find a settlement (traveling to Driik is even more cheaty option).
3. Split one trunk, grab a board, try to trade it for something just to make sure that people in here do need boards.
4. If yes, fell several trees, make boards and trade them for food (enough for a week or more) and a splitting axe (or a woodsman's axe if you still don't have it).
5. Go to another village, once again, make sure that people need boards.
6. Start felling trees and hauling them somewhere close to houses. How many trees to fell depends on how much stuff you want to obtain. In my case amount has been ~25-35.
7. Make boards.
8. Grab everything you want.
9. Start picking up boards. It's going to take some time as your character probably won't be able to lift more then 10 board at a time. Don't get too excited as in a pretty short time villagers will urge you to pay for their goods. To avoid this, just drop all unpdaid items and grab them again intermittently (say, after each 250 grabbed boards).
10. Trade!
11. Goto step 5.

I would not recommend grinding THAT much, hovewer, as playing such a well-equipped character is far less risky and takes less effort, and thus you're going to have less fun. Right know I'm seriously thinking on getting rid of half of my stuff. Or even more. I've surely learned that it's really, really important to stop grinding at the right time...

October 12, 2020, 02:26:15 AM
Re: Fjara the Huntress of Owl-tribe. A Quest for Mother DAY 889

The day fades away. The forest is quiet and calm. No wind, no bird chirping. Just crunching of dry grass under the hooves of the animals in their pens.

“I'm home”, Fiara thinks, looking round her small homestead. She has returned from another trip to Driik, where she has obtained a few of jewelry, valuable hides, some masterwork clothes and two pots with handy wrought-iron legs. However, she failed to find mail armor of masterwork quality. Njerpez slavers began more and more often to roam in twos or even threes. With hounds, sometimes. Now hunting them will be even harder and more dangerous.

Fjara is tired. She enters the kota, legs giving way under her, and falls to a pile of skins, then puts a noaidi's mushroom in her mouth. Occasionally it makes her sick... but the mind, once it has found its way back from the spirit world, clears and breaks the shackles of exhaustion. She closes her eyes and slowly slips into a haze of visions and dreams.

Somehow, the past emerges in mind this time. Fjara recalls what had happened two and a half years ago. The very day when her whole life had been irretrievably ruined.
She's heading home, leading the only reindeer doe Fjara managed to find after wolves attacked her homestead. Not for nothing is her name Tuuri — “lucky”. She is, indeed. The wolves killed or hurt the rest of the animals so bad that they had to be finished off so as not to prolong their suffering.

Not far from home, she suddenly smells a smoke. Heart goes down in a bad vibe, and Fjara slows her pace. It's quiet. Too quiet. Having walked a hundred more steps, she hears the crackle of fire and stops. She feels so scared as never before. A minute later, Fjara makes herself walk the last few meters to the homestead.

The homestead, which is no longer there. It's just burnt-out ruins. A few steps from her lies father, the ground beneath his head is dark, and Fjara knows at once, it is blood there. And there's too much of it to hope that father's still alive.

She wants to call to mother, but her voice fails her. Those who did this may still be close. Fjara ties the reindeer to a tree and sneaks around the clearing, listening and peering into the thicket.

No one's there. An no sign of mother. Next to the father's body, she notices a piece of red cape trampled into the ground and clenches her fists in silent ire. Njerpez. That means they took mother as a slave. That means she is alive. And there is a chance to find her.
When Fjara wakes up the next morning, a lynx skin beneath her cheek is wet with tears.

October 12, 2020, 03:21:45 AM
Building a fireplace outside of a house So, recently I've got an idea of how to build a nice fireplace in my courtyard, and all of a sudden it worked.

Here's howto:
1. Build a corner, two walls and a ceiling.
2. Build a fireplace.
3. Deconstruct the walls.

Can't say for sure though if this doesn't break something. Has anyone tried this before?

October 13, 2020, 10:57:39 AM
Re: Building a fireplace outside a house Well, I can't smoke meat and don't get warm if not standing close to the fireplace, so I guess everything works fine. Two corners and a wall in between are enough for building ceiling too.
October 13, 2020, 01:05:49 PM
Villagers build new houses and start new settlements JP_Finn's post inspired an idea of villagers building houses over time, maybe once in a year, and up to a certain limit. There might be higher chances for fine and masterwork items to appear in new building. Villages expansion also gives cause to add new quests such as falling some trees and making boards.

Furthermore, villagers could start new settlements, say, once in five years, so as to enhance the impression of tribes actually strengthen and evolve.

October 15, 2020, 05:45:22 PM
Re: Fjara the Huntress of Owl-tribe. A Quest for Mother DAY 982

Toil, toil, toil. For one to survive, one must continually work hard. During the last three months Fоara has done a lot: built separate pens for animals, felled trees enough to build a sauna, placed a hundred loop snares and made half a dozen trap fences in a small wood nearby. Six elks and two reindeers have been caught in the first ten days, yet there was no more prey since then.

Next time Fjara checks the fences, she makes offerings and whispers quietly. Be kind, oh spirits. Lead the animals into my traps. I shall give you hot blood and praise...

Winter month is almost over. Snow crunches underfoot satisfactorily. Six birds got caught in the snares today. She can make two dozens more arrows for exchange. Over the past year, Fiara has become noticeably more skilled in carpentry. Arrows in the Unreal World are great for trading. Even peaceful toilers, like Sartolaiset, willingly accept them: robbers occur even in their land, and an arrow makes them hesitate better than a word.

She' s got a fair food supply, yet keeping six dogs requires a lot of meat. Fjara loves her dogs. True friends, strong protectors, menacing fighters they are. Numerous njerpezit have been torn to pieces by them. Sometimes, when she feels sad, she tells them her sorrows and fears, and their understanding eyes bring her relief.

Another day is over, and Fjara goes to sleep. Cosily wrapped helself in furs, she whispers as always, “Greetings earth, and the dwellers underground. Allow me to lay here in good health.” Her eyes close, and the real gives way to the imageries of the past.
She managed to track down one of the murderers. For three days, she followed the tracks that eventually split up. There were three or four njerpez, they apparently marched rapidly to their lands, but one of them remained behind for some reason.

Fjara sneaks up to the njerp while he is pissing against a tree, and knocks him out hitting the back of his head with an axe handle. When the slaver regains consciousness, his hands and feet are tightly bound by his clothes.

She squats down beside him and pulls out a knife from a sheath. “Answer me, and I will spare your life,” she says. The njerp grins crookedly, catching her eye. His face is mottled with pockmarks and ritual scars, and in his eyes cruelty and cold mind can be seen distinctly.

“You have captured the woman. Brown hair, blue-eyed, a head taller than me.”

He answers, laughing quietly, “We'd enjoyed her, little huntress. Her screams have delighted our ear, and her flesh has satisfied our lust.”

Fjara feels her fear and anger overflow, and barely restrains herself from stabbing the defenseless neck.

“Is she alive? Where exactly are they taking her?”

“Her body fell to the lot of fish.”

“You lie!” She leaps up and turns away, clenching her fists until it hurts.

“No.” His voice is cold and calm. “No, and you do know that.”

Sobs swell inside her. Fjara kneels down and slits njerp's throat. When slaver's body lay motionless, she spits in his face and wails, “Curse thee! May the spirits never let you rest! May they make you suffer till the end of the world! May —” Words turn into tears, and she, barely rising and taking a few steps, falls prone.

Only late at night she regains strength enough to stand up, and plods away, completely lost amongst the crowding trees.

October 20, 2020, 02:42:23 AM