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Foraging is a source of food and resource gathering focusing on the picking and gathering of various plants and mushrooms. The player can utilise them as ingredients for meal recipes or various medicinal recipes (and in some fan-made mods, also as sources of cloth material).

Types of foregeable items

  • Plants
    • Berries - Plants, usually in shrub or bush form, that provide useful berries.
    • Flowers - Plants that have useful flowers, for certain ingredients.
    • Herbs - Small, herbaceous plants that are useful as edible or medicinal ingredients.
    • Leaves - Plants that have useful leaves, for certain ingredients.
    • Roots - Plants that have useful roots, for certain ingredients.
    • Seeds - Plants that provide useful seeds, for certain ingredients.
  • Mushrooms - Fungi that are edible or usable for medicines. Beware of poisonous ones !

Crops are foregeable, but need to be typically bought (barter-traded) first, then planted and grown at the player's home with use of the agricultural tools and skills.

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  • Herblore (Skill) - The player character's skill that determines the potential success at correctly recognising plants and mushrooms the player can forage.
  • Poison - Some plant and mushroom species might be poisonous, this is something to keep in mind.


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