Herblore (Skill)

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Herblore (Skill)
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Basic Info

Herblore is the ability to recognize individual plants and their properties. The most common plants are known to everyone, but knowledge of the rest depends on your character's culture and herblore skills. Herblore skill is used not only to recognize unknown plants but also to display plant properties and medicinal effects as you know, or have learned them. If a plant to be examined is completely known to your character, its true name, properties and medicinal effects will be shown in full. Otherwise you'll gain only the bits of information that meet your level of knowledge.

To truly improve in herblore it's almost mandatory to experiment with plants in every possible way you can think of - or feel safe about. When there's a noticeable effect from any kind of plant usage, it is memorized by your character and their knowledge of the plant increases accordingly. So it is possible to find herbs helpful in wound treatment or mushrooms that are poisonous by trial and error, even if the plant's indentity stays a mystery for your character. Some herbal effects, however, aren't clearly noticeable and that's why it pays to improve your herblore knowledge to a level where you will be able to recognize the plants and their properties completely.

In general, the more common the plant, the easier it is to recognize. In the case of plants that are very rare or unfamiliar to your character, it takes more experimenting and higher herblore skills to come up with the recognition. But do remember that every herblore attempt will benefit your character's overall knowledge of the vegetable kingdom.

A good way to train this skill is to carry several unidentified herbs and/or mushrooms and use the herblore skills each hour. Be careful not to accidentally eat any of them!

Herblore advice

Herblore is a skill introduced in version 3.15 of Unreal World. It is the abilty to identify plants and the effects, both raw and boiled. You will not know what mushroom it is until you try it, or start with that knowledge. For example, if you know what sorrel is, it will show you its effects when you examine it.


effect raw: (effects)

effect boil: (effects)

if you do not know what sorrel is, it would say:

Odd herb

effect raw:(effects)

effects boil:(effects)

or it may not tell you the effects, if you have never even tried sorrel. The descriptors (odd, coarse, slimy) are randomized with each new playable characters.

A plant's icon will change from white to the complete form when it is known, keeping the player from recognizing it. But the icon will not necessarily change on every area of the world.

To improve your herblore skill, try an unknown plant or simply use Alt+e on a certain kind of unknown or still-more-to-learn plant in different days and different areas. In some day you will grow the knowledge of it, and also the herblore skill.

For more details about plants, see Herbs or Plants.