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Basic Info
Weight: <0.1 lbs
Trade Value:
Flammable: no
Required By: Arrow, Blunt arrow

Feathers are items that can be found from butchering birds, as well as lying on the ground. They are used in the creation of both regular and blunt arrows.

Acquiring the resource

You can acquire feathers on your own, by active hunting of birds (hunting trips) or passive hunting of birds (traps).

Feathers can be important if you need to craft a lot of your own arrows on a regular basis, for the sake of hunting and self-defence. Every single arrow needs three individual feathers for its fletching, in order to fly straight and remain stable during its flight. (Though keep in mind that shot arrows can be retrievable.)

With the help of the fan-made Birdcoop mod, you can also raise your own birds from an egg to an adult, making the long-term acquiring of bird feathers even easier.


A feather weighs 0.3 lbs. As one of the lightest objects around, any player character can very easily pick up (,) and carry a large amount of feathers with them, instead of slowly hauling them (m).

Uses in crafting

In crafting, feathers are used for the following tools and items:

Item Type Notes
Blunt arrow Weapon (projectile) 3 feathers
Arrow Weapon (projectile) 3 feathers

Note: Broadhead arrows cannot be crafted, the player character needs to buy them by trading.


See also

  • Birds - The bird species appearing in the game, a potential source of feathers. Some are more common than others, depending on the particular region and its environment.