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This article is about bows as weapons. For the specific weapon items, see also Bows and Crossbows. For the skill with the same name, see Bow (Skill), and for the crossbow skill, Crossbow (Skill). For the category, see Category:Bow and Category:Crossbow.

Bows are ranged weapons used for shooting arrows. They're popular hunting weapons because of their ranged combat capabilities.

Bow, crossbow and arrow types

An overview of the projectile weaponry in the game.


Image Item Power Weight Value Val/lbs. Comments
Northern Bow.png
Northern Bow 8 3 lbs. 176 58,66 Cultural item of the Northern tribes.
Hunting Bow.png
Hunting Bow 7 4 lbs. 144 36
Long Bow 8 4 lbs. 80 20
Shortbow 6 2 lbs. 40 20 Can be crafted.
Juniper Bow.png
Juniper Bow (Primitive Bow) 6 2 lbs. 16 8 Can be crafted (called Primitive Bow).


Image Item Power Weight Value Val/lbs. Reloading Time Comments
Crossbow 8 6 lbs. 320 53.33 30 sec Governed by a separate skill.
Heavy Crossbow 9 10 lbs. 400 40 1 min Governed by a separate skill.


  • "Power" determines the velocity of arrows launched from the bow, which is equal to the square of the power plus a constant (which appears to be the same for all bows). Internally the game represents this as the 'point' damage for the bow.
  • While bows technically have an 'accuracy' stat, it's only used when throwing the bow itself, and not used when firing missiles from the bow.
  • More information can be found in this post.


Image Item Blunt Edge Point Weight Value Val/lbs. Comments
Arrow 0 0 8 0.1 lbs. 8 80 Can be crafted up to "fine" and "superior".
Blunt arrow.png
Blunt arrow 6 0 0 0.44 lbs. 4 9.06 Can be crafted.
Broadhead arrow.png
Broadhead arrow 0 6 0 0.17 lbs. 14,4 81.54 Bladed iron arrowhead, causes bleeding. Needs to be traded.

Note: Archery equipment has no attack and defense bonus.


Most bows have to be acquired by trading at the settlements of various cultures.

The shortbow, juniper bow, arrow and blunt arrow can be crafted by the player.

URW Game Encyclopedia description

The official URW in-game encyclopedia (accessed by the F1 key) describes bows and crossbows thusly:

The bow is a missile combat weapon usually made of wood and used to propel an arrow. There are different bow types and designs varying in size, shape and strength: SHORTBOW, LONGBOW, JUNIPER BOW, NORTHERN BOW and HUNTING BOW.

In addition to these regular bows, there are also crossbows which are mostly of foreign origin.

Bows used by NPCs

As of version 3.12b, NPCs such as Njerpez and foreign traders can carry bows, making them more deadly. This is not an entirely bad thing for your character though, as it is not uncommon for the NPCs to miss you entirely and shoot their "teammates". To make this happen, try to arrange the fight so that there is one of the enemy bowman's "teammates" between you and the enemy bowman. This is especially common with crossbows, as they are not too accurate and do excellent damage, often causing bleeding wounds.