Northern Bow

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Northern Bow
Northern Bow.png
Basic Info
Weight: 3 lbs
Trade Value: 176
Flammable: Yes
Burn Duration:
Combat Information
Skill Required: Bow
Blunt Damage: N/A
Edge Damage: N/A
Point Damage: 8
Attack Bonus: None
Defense Bonus: None

The Northern bow is a type of wooden composite bow typical especially for the northern cultures of the UnReal World.


Arguably one of the best bows in the UnReal World. It is as powerful as a longbow but much less accurate, so if you are fighting at mid-range you will quickly see why it is such a popular choice of weapon.

A masterwork Northern bow and superior arrows will make you an incredibly powerful opponent, at a lower weight than carrying a longbow. It is usually found among the Owl people.

Note that for a character with low Bow skill, a shortbow can be a better choice for the slightly better accuracy.

URW Game Encyclopedia description

The official URW in-game encyclopedia (accessed by the F1 key) describes the Northern bow thusly:

A composite bow with a set-back handle, covered with birch bark. The northern bow is one of the strongest bows used in the UnReal World; it is nearly as strong as the crossbows used by the foreign soldiers.