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Experienced players may wish to try this game course, as it acts as a guide for more in-depth game mechanics. Be aware that this course involves several long treks.


  • Source of livelihood
    • Gather enough food for 5 days, then eat something.
  • No man's land
    • Travel to any region outside cultural borders and make a shelter.
  • A harvest
    • Harvest any plant (wild or cultivated).
  • Sauna
    • Find a sauna, heat it, undress, and scoop water on the oven.
  • Large-scale passive hunting
    • Build a trap fence with two or more trap pits. Can be completed by setting and baiting pawboard trap between trees
  • Learning by doing
  • Prey in a trap
    • Catch any animal in a trap. Catching fish in a net will also complete this task.
  • Buried into the bog
    • Perform a kind of ritual: At night, build a fire in an open or pine bog, then throw an iron weapon into the water. (Note: your weapon will be lost. Please don't use a weapon you like.}
  • Salt from the coast
    • Trade for a bag of salt.
  • An island
    • Travel to a small island in a lake or in the sea. If it is winter you need to make a hole in ice by the island and swim ashore in a punt.
  • Archery
    • Improve the archery skill by one point.
  • The spirit world
    • Learn a new ritual. First discover a new ritual, then speak to a sage to learn it. Automatic success if you know all rituals only after you experience unity with the environment, not before.

In version 3.63 you have to learn spells which is rare opportunity. You need either fixed quest or random offer from a villager, which costs a high quality item you carry (masterwork knife, fine axes). You have to save and reload game to trigger this step otherwise.

  • The great man of the forest
    • Find and kill a bear
  • Kaumo furs
    • Kill and skin an animal bearing high value fur (fox, lynx, badger, etc.) in Kaumo territory.
  • Clothing
    • Make a piece of clothing. Using the fur from the previous task would be a bad idea, as high value furs are needed for trading with foreign traders.
  • Foreign traders
  • Salmon and trout
  • Weapons of the north
    • Purchase a Northern knife or a Northern bow, then equip to the first equipment slot.
  • A cave
    • Discover a cave, then enter the cave.
  • Big elk
    • By hunting, track and kill a 'big' elk in the wilderness. Although the task states that it must be a 'big' elk or a 'big' stag, a 'big' reindeer also works. (In the task description nothing is mentioned about the use of rituals, but the information that it can be a reindeer is also missing.)(Note: As of 3.17, any Elk, Stag, and (Domesticated/Forest) Reindeer, even without the 'big' qualifier works. However, the normal animal needs to weigh a lot.)
  • A house
    • Build enough of a house to be able to construct a floor and ceiling. May also be completed by deconstructing and reconstructing a section of floor and ceiling in an existing house, or by constructing a floor and ceiling in any cave. Deconstructing and reconstructing a sleeping bunk is the easiest way. (Note: As of 3.18 - and possibly earlier versions - it in not enough to simply construct a floor and ceiling NEXT to your house, it has to be inside of it.)
  • Warfare
    • Kill everybody in a Njerpez camp. (Note: As of 3.18, you can complete the task by only killing one individual.)
  • Change of the season
    • Wait for the current in-game month to pass.
  • Please the forest