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There are many different kinds of animals in URW. Some are friendly, and some just want to claw your face off.

Domestic animals can help you carry things. Move things onto animals by using the push command, and then choosing the tile that they are standing on. Different animals can carry different amounts of weight; a dog carries the least, while bulls carry the most.

Domestic animals cannot usually be leashed unless you purchase them from an NPC. An attempt to leash the animal by hopping the fence and applying the rope yields the message "The animal refuses to be leashed." The only ways to leash them are to either buy the animal from an NPC in the village, or kill all NPCs, thus removing this restriction.

Domesticated Animals

Image Animal
Dog.png Dog
Pig.png Pig
Sheep.png Sheep
Cow.png Cow
Bull.png Bull
Forest reindeer.png Reindeer

Small Animals

Image Animal
Squirrel.png Squirrel
Snake.png Snake
Hare.png Hare
Red Fox Arctic Fox Fox (also Arctic Fox)
Badger.png Badger
Beaver.png Beaver
Weasel.png Ermine
Weasel.png Weasel
Weasel.png Pine-marten
Weasel.png Polecat
Pig.png Sow


Image Animal
Black grouse.png Black grouse
Willow grouse.png Willow grouse
Hazel grouse.png Hazel grouse
Goldeneye.png Goldeneye
Kuikka.png Kuikka
Swan.png Swan
Duck.png Tufted duck
Capercaillie.png Capercaillie
Goshawk.png Goshawk
Eagle Owl.png Eagle Owl
Mallard.png Mallard
Raven.png Raven

Large Animals

Image Animal
Elk.png Elk
Wolf.png Wolf
Lynx.png Lynx
Glutton.png Glutton
Bear.png Bear
Pig.png Wild pig
Forest reindeer.png Forest reindeer
Stag.png Stag
Grey Seal.png Grey Seal
Ringed Seal.png Ringed Seal

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