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You can find all this information out by typing ? in game!

It might be useful to have a master list of all keyboard commands, and how to remember them. When in doubt, think of a verb that describes what you want to do, and then trying typing the first letter of that word. It may seem hard at first, but once you get used to it, it will be in your muscle memory and your fingers will know how to do what ever it is you want to do. The very most important ones for a beginner to learn have been bolded.


All movement is relative to the direction you're facing.

- move forward
- move backwards - running speed is halved when doing this.
- turn 45° (п/4 rad) left
- turn 45° (п/4 rad) right

page up or 9 - turn 90° (п/2 rad) right

page down or end (1 and 3) - turn 180° (п rad)

home or 7 - turn 90° (п/2 rad) left

↵ Enter - zoom in or out from wilderness map

u - stand up or lay down.

/ - movement menu: run, hide and sneak, stand still, wait, rest until not fatigued, sleep, get up. Helpful if you don't remember all the shortcuts.

Ctrl + direction (arrow keys or number keys) - move in a direction without turning, for example to take a step to the side or backwards. Running speed is halved while doing this.

Urw movement can take a little while to get used to but once you do get used to it, it will seem really natural. If you would prefer to use a more typical style of movement, where the left key moves you to the left instead of makes you face left, you can set that up in urw_ini.txt, which is in your game folder (click "setup" in the opening screen of the game if you need help finding that). If you enable traditional movement, it will automatically turn you to face a direction when you move in that direction, but there is no way to just glance in a direction like in regular urw movement.


s - see all skills and select one to use if you don't want to remember these letters

Alt + a - agriculture skill

Alt + b - building skill

Alt + c - cooking skill

Alt + e - herblore skill

Alt + f - fishing skill

Alt + h - hideworking skill

Alt + i or F4 - ritual skill

Alt + l - climbing skill

Alt + m - timbercraft skill

Alt + p - physician skill

Alt + r - trapping skill

Alt + s - swimming skill

Alt + t - tracking skill

Alt + v - survival skill (collect branches, make fire, shelter, hole in ice) version 3.20 and older.

Alt + w - weatherlore skill

Alt + y - carpentry skill

Inventory related commands

, or g - pick up or "get" an item

⇧ Shift + ; or ⇧ Shift + G to pick up items from an adjacent tile, pack animal or companion

a - apply a tool (such as a shovel or a loop snare), or container (fill, empty, pour)
b - butcher a carcass

d - drop something

⇧ Shift + C - Chat with an NPC

⇧ Shift + D - Discard something i.e. remove it from the game forever.

e or ⇧ Shift + E - Eat

i - inventory -- look at what you are carrying

m - move items around with you
⇧ Shift + M or + - make items
p - push items to an adjacent square or pack animal
q - quaff (drink) something

r - repeat the last thing you did

⇧ Shift + T - Take off something, or unwield a weapon.
w - wield a weapon
⇧ Shift + W - Wear clothes
Esc - close inventory, cancel what you're doing.

Inventory specific commands

+ select all items

- unselect all items

. filter inventory

Typing the letter name next to an item, clicking it with the mouse, or using the arrow keys to scroll to it and hitting ↵ Enter selects it. hitting space carries out the action (dropping all selected items, wearing all selected items, etc.)

Companions and Animals

! - Command an animal or companion.

; or ⇧ Shift + G - pick up from adjacent tile, or from a companion or animal next to you.

⇧ Shift + C - Chat with an NPC.

Looking around

x - examine an adjacent square

: - examine the space you're standing on

l or F3 - examine a target you can select with a mouse or arrow keys

F6 - Map of known areas

Ctrl + + - zoom in

Ctrl + - - zoom out

Zooming works with wilderness map and normal game camera.

It is also possible to zoom in and out using the mouse scroll-wheel, if available.

Fighting and Running away

h - hide

⇧ Shift + R - Run

t - throw something (a javelin, a rock, an item)

⇧ Shift + x - exchange the items in your left and right hand

1 - use weapon in 1st hand

2 - use weapon in 2nd hand

3 - repeat the last attack you made

9 - punch

0 - kick

F7 - view your wounds (and treat them)

b - butcher a carcass


. - wait one turn

- or _ waits until you hit ESC to cancel the action

Alt + - or Alt + _ wait until you are not fatigued anymore

⇧ Shift + Z - sleep


⇧ Shift + A - Armour coverage statistics

⇧ Shift + L - Log - view important events that have happened to your character and where they happened.

v - access the message log where you can see all the game messages that you've ever received and leave notes for your character

⇧ Shift + P - character profile

? - list of game commands
F1 - UnReal World Encyclopedia

F2 - Quest Journal

F4 - List of known rituals and incantations

F5 - game course information (play tutorials and advanced challenges)

F6 - Map of known areas

F7 - view your wounds (and treat them)


c - close a door

o - open a door

Save and Quit

Ctrl + s - save and exit to main menu

⇧ Shift + Q - Quit (and optionally save)


f - Build a fire

7 - run zoom map maintenance

& - enable debug logs