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Basic Info
Type: Land Mammal
Regions: '
Terrain: '
Skin: 24 lbs of fur
Weight: '
Speed: '
Movement Types: Walk
Health: '
Hunting Information
Best Weapon: '
Trap Type: Trap pit with sharp stakes, Trap pit, Heavy deadfall bear trap
Bait: '
Armor Protection
Average: '
Warmth: '
Tear: '
Edge: '
Squeeze: '
Point: '
Blunt: '
Butcher Yield
Butcher: 200-400 lbs stag cuts, 24 lbs stag-skin, 8 lbs antlers, 8 lbs of bones and 3 lbs stag fat.

When killed, the Stag yields 24 lbs of stag skin, around 3 lbs of fat, and 200-400 cuts of meat.

Stags are the male version of elk, and are typically larger than their counterpart.

URW Game Encyclopedia description

The official URW in-game encyclopedia (accessed by the F1 key) describes the stag thusly:

A bull elk. This in-game term was in use until version 3.40 and was then removed. Now stags are called bull elks.

Real life context