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Eastern Region
Kaumolaiset (Kaumoan People, Those Who Live In The Kaumo) live in the vast forests. The families don't live next to each other, so instead of proper villages their houses are scattered around sparsely. They tend to be tough, tall and strong people whom are proud of their freedom.

They live mainly on active hunting and fishing. On their hunting trips Kaumo men can spend weeks alone in the wilderness, tracking and stalking for prey. They are well known for their kaumolais spear, which is specially designed for hunting big animals.

Kaumo region is rich of game providing fine quality furs. That is why Kaumolaiset have to defend their homes and hunting grounds against Njerpez raiders. In combat situations the kaumolaiset are fearless and furious, putting up heavy resistance with a spear, a knife or even with their bare hands.

- Game Encyclopedia
General Info
Starting Equipment: '
Starting Rituals: '
Starting Skill Modifiers
Lore/Craft Skills Physical Skills Combat Skills
Agriculture: -1 Climbing: ' Axe: '
Building: ' Skiing: +1 Bow: +1
Carpentry ' Stealth: +1 Club: '
Cookery ' Swimming: ' Crossbow: -1
Fishing: +1 Knife: +1
Herblore: ' Dodge: +1
Hideworking: +1 Flail: -1
Physician: ' Shield: -1
Ritual: ' Spear: +1
Timbercraft: Sword: -1
Tracking: +2 Unarmed: +1
Trapping: +1


Male Kaumolaiset characters

Female Kaumolaiset characters