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My dog got hit By a njerpez. Its got deep cut in elbow and some shallow cuts. It is unable to walk. Its just a short walk to my house in the wilderness.

Any prognosis how long it will take until he can walk?? i put up a shelter next to him and keep feeding him, btw he eats any amount of food now...doesnt disagree...

EDIT; the dog seems to follow where i go on the map but when zoom, it cannot walk.

EDIT 2: i just have to share this, i threw a rock on a flying birg (!), capercaillie maybe, it dropped unconcious(!!!). I walk to it and blunt-hit it with knife to neck twice. It got up and flew away... wtf man seriously.
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If the dog isn't bleeding it will recover, provided it doesn't drown on the overland map.


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and it won't drown if leashed


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Is there there possibility of a dog's wound to start bleeding again after stopping?

I ask because I once had a dog get quite injured, and I thought it wasn't bleeding (but won't promise that it wasn't... it was a quick glance at how long the injury list was), I put it on the lease and led it only a few squares away before it died, which unleashes the leash.

I had a similar experience dragging a dog across water with Njerpez areas everywhere. I can imagine that might seem like drowning to someone, but I am pretty sure it was just a good hit with an arrow, then unleash when dead.