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Anyone have any suggestions for finding a suitable island/rock/whatever for the Water Folk quest?  I have spent hours of real life time searching huge lakes, and the closest I've gotten are some one-tile islands that are part of a mire instead of the lake, and one rock that was too steep to climb.

Currently, I'm running around the outer rim of lakes, either during full winter (on the ice) or during the spring/summer (in a punt).  Please tell me there's a better way to do this?


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fords in rivers are good and often have single tile rocks. mark them with a note on the f6 map. i mark them anyway because they are the first place you can cross a river when the river freezes but the ice is too fragile in other parts of the river, but in winter they're indistinguishable if you dont have them marked.

keep an eye out for them in other places in the course of your regular activities and mark them when you find one, then when you get the quest you can pick whichever is closest.

ice doesn't seem to work, though, needs to be surrounded by water. i tried breaking the ice in a circle around the tile but it didn't seem to work.


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Suitable rocks are not that easy to find, as most that you DO find can't be climbed, and mentioned. I've had some luck with rivers (one character had the luck of having one suitable rock 4 meters from the homestead). However, I've also had a character who spent a lot of time first walking around a mid sized lake, and then punting along the shore of a huge lake to eventually find a suitable rock.

I think the advice to keep the eyes open for them from the start is a very good one, as is the marking of fords.


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Thank you both, so much!!!  The ford worked perfectly - I found multiple rocks to stand on, and a river folk showed up on the second night.  I have quite a long trek to the ford (I tend to settle by the sea), but it doesn't matter, I'm just so relieved I finally got to finish the quest.  This is the second character I've tried to do this quest on, and I've spent so long (real time) looking for a stupid rock.  Thank you both again!