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I'm at my wit's end.  I built my shelter near the sea in Driik territory, and a grey seal has taken up residence in the area.  It constantly wakes me up at night while I'm trying to sleep, and is so skittish that it vanishes the second I spot it.  I have a bow and arrow, but I am loathe to lose every arrow I miss with into the sea, and my stealth is too poor to sneak up on it.  It won't fall into the traps I've set for it, and its constant splashing interrupts me again and again while I'm trying to erect cabin walls or tan hides.

I am being trolled by a seal.  Help?


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Build more traps on the coast where it usually lands. Heavy bear deadfall traps or pit traps if you can dig the ground. Most people usually have to sweat to get to a seal.. you are lucky :D

Make sure you have a cellar ready, and possibly a smokehouse, for the large amount of fat that you'll get out of it :)


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Ha.  I did as you suggested and went crazy with traps, leaving three or four in every single place he left tracks... and I GOT THE SON OF A BITCH.  Beating him to death with a club while he barked in panic was disturbingly satisfying.  And then on my way back home triumphantly hauling 150 pounds of meat and 25 pounds of fat, I came across a second one stuck in another trap.  Turns out there were two of them.  Seal jerky for the foreseeable future...
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Unless you have a pressing need, I suggest leaving the traps there and set. I've noticed that anytime I've had more than one seal returning to an area, more will spawn later. Usually at least two groups a summer.


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Yup. Sometimes the same area also spawns both grey and ringed seals with some time in between. One of my characters had a set of pits near each other that caught five greys and three ringed seals over the course of two years or so.