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 i am suggesting the player character to has to eat fish/meat products for fat-soluble vitamins and vegetable sources (maybe excluding grain) to get water-soluble vitamins.

Might sound crazy but i read the book about Magallaes sailing from south america towards asia and that was only <100 days travel and men were dying out of scurvy disease, lack of vitamin C (altough they didnt know vitamins and what caused them to get sick and die).

when you look how detailed the hidework process is in URW - would be on a line to have the character's nutrition matter. Now you can survive years only eating fish and bread which wouldn't be possible in reality.



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i am suggesting the player character to has to eat fish/meat products for fat-soluble vitamins and vegetable sources (maybe excluding grain) to get water-soluble vitamins.
Sorry to be a naysayer but my first thought after reading this is "it won't really add much but it will put extra burden on player for little gaming value" however I will watch this thread to find out what others think...
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I think all the parts are in place for you to roleplay this sort of lifestyle, though I don't think it fits for all player settings.

Long term preservation of non meat items would need to be implemented for winter/spring stores.
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In my mind something like this proposal is essential for a survival game.

My idea for implementing is somewhat different. Every food item should have a value for protein, carbohydrates and vitamins/minerals representing the % of daily requirement they provide. Over eating protein and carbs build up a fat deposit that can be used when there is a shortage, excess vits/mins are flushed out of the body and not stored you need some most days but only a relatively small amount is needed. Extra food sources may be required like collecting offal from carcass' and fruit or nut collection from some trees, pine tree seeds are really good sources and taste good to.

Lack of enough food, as now, leads to starvation penalties and lack of vits/mins leads to sickness (injury) penalties.


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Last time know, only excess vitamin C gets filtered out (via urination), which also isn’t implemented in the game. Adding the need to obtain vitamins would also require liver and other organs.
I think it’d be annoying rather than deepening the immersion/simulation.
The hunger bar and thirst bar are already more precise data than any real person knows about their own nourishment.


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I'd like to see scurvy represented some day at least as it's historically significant ailment that beyond sailors also plagued settlers. In practice though, I already gather ton of nettle and sorrel every autumn for use with green soup and as stew herb and buy some turnips from villagers so I can pretend my character is having something like a balanced diet.