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Inspired by Privateer's quest idea, I wanted to float the concept of a multi-stage "quest" mod in which you would woo, or otherwise prove yourself worthy of, a wife (or husband; if interest was sufficient there'd be one version for each).

The "quest" would essentially be a story told through the F1 key, where each stage of it would be a single menu item, and the entire mod would be contained within one menu. There's be certain things you'd have to accomplish before reaching the next stage, though a lot of that would be left to player enforcement.

For example, the start item on the menu would give you a token, which when examined with F1 would describe the woman you were trying to woo, with a picture. Some of her traits. Probably some warrior maiden would be the most apropos? It would then describe the first task needed to win her affections. Such as, "fell a squirrel with thrown rocks near a village".

When you accomplished this, you would activate the next menu item, which would give you a new token with a new F1 entry. This one would describe how she witnessed you felling the squirrel, and was impressed by your aim, and how you spoke for a while, etc. The entry could then describe you and her having a throwing competition, which you barely won.

The next task might be something like "Come to town wearing a full set of fur clothing, to show that you are self-sufficient." Then you'd trigger the next step in the story/quest, which would describe (via the F1 key) her noticing your styling wardrobe, and further conversation with her, now becoming somewhat flirtatious.

It would go on like that. one of the final steps would be to build a house nearby the village for the two of you to live in. The mod could not actually create a new NPC, unfortunately, so this would be the closest it could achieve. The player could, if they wished, imagine one of the "Maiden" NPCs in the village corresponded to the one talked about in the story.

So basically I want to start by seeing if there is actual interest in this idea, because it's not something I would create solely for my own use. Thoughts/feedback/ideas are welcome, too.

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i mean it would certinly help with getting lost in the Finnish woods


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I would also like to get married. I thought some criterion must be that your spouse sees you as a good hunter / fisherman. Is a couple of good self-praises enough? On the other hand, someone from an enemy tribe is also good for me. I have also thought about the possibility of stealing a child and raised it as my own.
It would be good to trade with the Njerps as well, and if you want, you could jump on their side. The tasks performed at their place could be similar to those in my own country.

I also thought that trading could be made easier and faster.
"Do you have ..."? You could choose a topic from the menu: clothes, weapons, furs ...You select a product, and the person retrieves it for you.

I have helped villagers in my area by buying from them "useless" goods, that I take to the west, where I buy armors, weapons, and fur/woolen clothing for them.
On the other hand, helping could be made easier:
"Do you need something"?

I once noticed surprise in the woods - wandering villagers. I didn’t know where they were going, I didn’t leave to follow, but probably a new village exchange. I thought about asking them where to travel, but I had other things to do and I don’t know if it would have been possible.

Elderly people (who living alone) i usually destroyed by taking them on a military expedition to an enemy village at night. When the old ones fight, I run through the village myself, and steal as much stuff as I can.

Usually I have destroyed by traps (to the west or north of the village by making a forest border) archipelago, dark gray, light green/gray, yellow and orange villages. Today, the villages in my own area (southern green) are well-dressed and armed. The "factories" are in the light blue, and gray area.

About SKILLS, weapons etc. I thought that:
0% = Haven't seen/heard before
1% = has heard about it
2% = has seen
3% = has seen in use, or has held in his hand
4% = has used in work
5% = has used 2 days in work, understand the principle in general
The remaining percentages of the use of the item (6-100%)

0% = haven't seen/heard before
1% = has heard about it (also seen the map shown?)
2% = has been there, and has seen people (he/she cannot know where he/she is, unless he/she asks)
3% = has been in village
4% = talked to people (speaks a foreign language? Gain experience whether a person understands or not)
5% = understand the principle in general
The remaining percentages of the area hiking

About the FIGHTING
0% = haven't seen/heard before
1% = has heard about it
2% = has seen people fighting
3% = has been in fight
4% = talked to people about it, received instruction
5% = understand the principle in general

Can be added ASSASINATION? Know the points to hit, to make the result more destructive?
I think in describing a skill a "grand master", could be given to be just a "master"

In this game, it would be good to learn from a game called Avernum.. Especially in terms of movement and fighting.
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Bert Preast

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I think marriage would be good, but not if it involves lots of silly quests in order to woo your chosen one.  It should be as it likely was -  you tell the village sage or elder that you want a maiden, then he tells you how many cows/sheep/pigs the village wants as a dowry.  Pay the bride-price and a maiden becomes your permanent companion. 


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Enemies should be made more humane! You cannot even give weapon to them.
And a backpack could be made for the person. He can carry incredible amounts of stuff if he can, but I don’t know how. Where does he fit everything? An equipment belt with cases or small bags would also be good.
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I would be interested in this mod myself! Was actually looking around to see if it existed but sadly it does not.

I also agree with the previous commenter that a dowry of some sorts should be paid to the village, as this is how it worked back then (I think).

I've noticed a recent mechanic where a village learns who you are and greet you by name when you return. I don't know what causes this (doing quests or just repeated trading with them?, but if this is something that the mod could somehow make use of, it would also allow for a more realistic experience, since they're not marrying off a maiden to some random person, but someone they know.