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Re: my starving dog just killed a bear single handed
Iron Age pups were hardier?  ???

75 bow / x-bow skill should be workable. Do you recall how much encumbrance AND Fatigue you had?

When I head out with bow, I try to keep the encumbrance below 10, usually around 7.
And I find it’s better to keep the fatigue 1-2 at most, so it only takes few rest turns to 0 it.
I also have a problem with competence. If a person is a "grand master" in archery, he should be faster than the others. He should also hit better, but the man might send an arrow to fly badly.

What about the sword? I understand it's a turn-based game ... but he won't survive against enemies, even if he's a master. He is too slow, even if he is fast and skillful.
The villagers attack even the owner of the sword, and fight the last girl and boy. The villagers should be made more fearful.
The master shoots 2 times where the enemy has time to advance 2-3 meters. You start against the sword only with a group, or armed.

One thing I miss is tying a person and kidnapping children.

February 08, 2022, 01:44:01 PM
Too much cold In winter, it may be so cold that a person dies in frost after only a few hundred meters of skiing. This happens even though he is wearing woolen clothes and furs.
It happened to me after he left the campfire feeling "hot".
It would be good to know how much it's freezing outside. It seems to be more like -80?

Another problem is the villagers who go after the criminal in waist-deep snow and fight against sword with knife. Women don't tire as quickly as a hunter.
The third problem is, that the villagers don't know how to throw anything. I'd be in trouble if they know how to throw rocks. Instead, they try to hit with a rock.

Another problems:

- You can fill (partly) a drinking vessel with dried meat.
- Salt spoils.

November 04, 2022, 10:31:59 AM
Re: What's Going On In Your Unreal World?
Following a fairly peaceful first two years in the URW, my Finn decided to spice things up a little and wreak genocide upon the Njerps.  This had been going splendidly, until the last camp I hit turned out to be filled with Njerp archers, who turned out to be rather good shots.  I took over 20 arrows, nine of which penetrated my armour.  I was 60% wounded and unable to move, with the last remaining Njerp (who was not having a good day either) at under 20 yards away.  We spent a hilarious ten minutes exchanging arrows, which we loosed off in all directions due to our wounds and fatigue.  Finally I got the bugger in the neck, and the job was done.  My hands were still shaking for a while after!

Now I can look forward to a couple of weeks making stakes and withes while I heal up.  Still, only three Njerp camps left to deal with, two of which are close to Reemi villages.  Hopefully I can recruit some likely lads from them to help me out with the battles.  I've never got this close to removing the Reds before, wish me luck!
I destroyed almost all the Reemi villages, because I want to see if Njerp will come to live in the area, or what will happen. At least a few villages have been repopulated by vagabonds.

July 13, 2023, 10:34:31 PM
Re: What's Going On In Your Unreal World?
Just conquered a Njerp village (5x warrior, a peasant, two craftsmen, a maiden, a woman, a housewife and a child) and carried away my spoils on Conquest, Victory, Triumph, Honour, Glory and Pride, which are the two bulls and four cows those dead Njerpez certainly need no longer.

I encountered a Vagabond hunter in the forest. The man was probably hunting a bird, because - i decided to continue my journey when suddenly I noticed a bird that took off. It had probably been the target of a hunter, because in his anger he attacked me from behind and struck me dead with an axe. =L

December 29, 2023, 11:42:12 AM
Re: teleported to field
Hmm. So it's a crash related teleport. At first I'd thought the crash was a result of some overflow, which then corrupted the character coordinates as well.
In cases like this is always best to .zip up the character folder after the incident, so that it can be checked out.
Now I don't know how long you've played after this incident, but in any case if your character happens to be nearby the said village could you .zip up the folder an e-mail it over to me?

I have been "playing" that game for over 20 years. Actually, it's a tutorial, not a game, because in the game you have to get some kind of win, etc.

:D Actually, and really, of course it is a game.
Game, be it electronic or physical, is often defined as an activity described by a set of rules, especially for the purpose of entertainment. Winning is optional in many games. And well, a computer game is then a game played using a computer.
I managed to die in the game. It is okay. I will try to repeat the same if possible.
Now in the new game I took 2 old owl men on a hunting trip. I shot another with a bow, but the men did not react. I shot again, and one attacked the other, and they continued to fight each other, even though I shot both (they didn't attack me), until they died.
These actions may seem cruel, but deviant actions are one way to find out strange problems.

June 29, 2024, 01:02:40 PM