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I reckon paddle and ski stick are among the most wielded/unwielded items in the game and it wouldn't hurt to streamline their use.

QoL: when on a watercraft and dropping everything (to set a net), one shouldn't drop the paddle if it's wielded. Same should be with ski stick when skiing.

I would classify these both as (poor) weapons since on top of inventory they are much faster to find.
QoL: paddle is quite a formidable ad-hoc weapon - i want to finish off those squirrels with it rather that kicking and punching

it tried to mod the latter, but only succeeded with ski stick
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I like the idea of low end blunt damage when playing whack a ski or whack a paddle.

Sorting with the weapons makes them much more relevant to the "oh no I just met a fight" situations too.


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While I agree fully heartedly to be able to use ski stick and paddle as low-end weapons (blunt-only javelin and haphazard club)... I’d rather approach the “don’t drop these items” with a function in inventory to select items to retain, similar to worn items. I.e. when my character comes back to the cabin and wants to offload the excess weight to get on any tasks at the homestead, I need to select all with +, then deselect broad knife and sword (as he never goes anywhere without them.. even swim training), then Tab-c; deselect water skin, Tab-t; deselect 2-3 pieces of cord lengths. (The last two are nothing but roleplay items, turning around and moving some tiles to grab them as needed would be nothing. But I like my characters to have their water and some tying equipment at hand at all times. Same goes for the broadsword really.

So I’d suggest to have key within Inventory to mark items for holding. Maybe it could be *, or $ (for valued items?)

Then it’d be up to the player to choose which items to retain when selecting “drop all”
Pro: individually selectable no-drop items
Con: none, as if not used, there’d be no change to current.

Additional Pro: same feature could be used to limit items from bartering suggestions
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