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I ran into a situation today where some villagers got annoyed with me for trying to make a paddle from one of their boards. I'd just bought a board from them and was still standing on the board pile (my bad I guess), and I didn't realize I wasn't using the board in my inventory until I got told off for using one I didn't own. And now they call me "annoying stranger".

My suggestion is to add a confirmation dialogue before using unowned items in crafting, with the option to use inventory items instead. Related to that, it would be nice if the game asked for confirmation for breaking any village rules, to warn players before they do things like pick plants within village bounds or leave with unpaid goods they forgot they were carrying. (Yes, I know villagers give you a fair chance to return anything, but it still hurts your reputation, IIRC.) Maybe this could be toggled on or off in settings so players who like to steal/kill/etc. don't get hassled for it (except for the villagers hassling them, of course).


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In general, in gameplay I dislike popups/pause-prompts as they break the flow and in this particular instance, I'm worried this might be too much handholding ("are you sure you want to potentially get negatively impacted?"). I prefer if the dev let the player make mistakes and learn that way.
Note that cost of learning, here, is low - as far as I know that is not a permanent opinion penalty.

I understand why you're suggesting it - been where you are, got annoyed likewise but eventually you learn and be more alert in the future.
One trick is to drop everything in the middle of village (and pick back up whatever you immediately need such as want to trade/eat/drink etc.).
With this, I haven't had the same problem for a long time now.
This could be a good day to utilize your squirrels hides.


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Most crafting defaults to ground first, inventory second. Taking a step from ground stash will help.
As that's very useful elsewhere, I don't think changing that would be fair.

As for: "Are you sure you want to do that in here?" when in village or settlement and initiating something that the locals don't like, I do think it might limit the players/character's acts by guiding.
Similar to tabletop RPG gamemaster asking: " are you sure you want to enter the ominous cave... it IS full-moon" <<< guiding players with tone for something the character's wouldn't be aware about.

When leaving a village, especially if I previously saved in one, I do talk to an adult in the village, then attempt Trade, if they don't say I owe them for goods, I'm leaving. Alternatively, when you're holding unpaid items, there's inventory filter (tab) for unpaid. For easy dropping of all village goods.