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So here is a test file

Tuukka has another elk.

I was attempting to make leather with the elk's own fat.

This time by the time I got the skin off, the hide cleaned, and started the de-hair. The butchering was started. One batch of 50 smoke cuts was started. The butchering was continued.

When he woke up to continue to the butchering...

... the carcass is rotted.

That means no access to the fat.

I was worried about this happening so made the zip to test doing A-B-C  or A-C-B etc jumbles to try and pin down more info for Saami.

It is Day 1 of the 13th week before midwinter. Temp is above freezing. There was rain and snow.


So the file is to big to attach but is available on request for testing


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Reran the test

On load the character is exhausted with a clean-elk-skin in inventory. The partially butchered animal is a little east next to the pit trap.

Was able to get the fat if no cooking was started.

The butchering end time is "after midnight" so I guess if it clicked into morning? or the following morning the butchering is not possible as the elk is rotted.


With the butchering and de-hair steps done the time taking to get things cooking meands the last ~75 cuts were already showing "stale" when they started smoking.

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Challenge accepted. Let me know where I can download the file from.


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ERm.... I havent used an upload site in years

You can PM me an email? will that work for you?

Tuuka is at his cabin. The clean elk hide is in his inventory. The elk carcass is ~20 local tiles east about ~10 tiles south of the rapids. It is just north of the pit trap in which it was caught.

The tanning station is the land north of the cabin, where Tukka is sanding.  There is a tree trunk and rock for stretching hide. There is only supply of remaining barks on the log if you want to experiment with them.
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Thank-you, sir.


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I loaded the test too. I put the skin in the cellar and went straight to the carcass. Then I started this cycle:

Sleep. Wake from the rain. (It always seems to rain if you're drop dead tired and outside. Doesn't it?) Cut carcass. Try to pick it up. Repeat.

Using this cycle, I was able to carry the largely cut carcass and the meat into the cellar.

After everything in the cellar: Went inside to sleep. Did eat before going to sleep. (Sometimes useful not to - to wake earlier.)

Once waking up, I cut the rest of the carcass, got fat and dropped it in to the cellar. Only after that I picked up the cleaned skin and went to soak it.

78 stale cuts and the rest are still 'normal'. Ample time to smoke. The fat should stay fine in the cellar.

EDIT: Reading the log below, it looks like I tripped in to the cellar in the morning  :D

EDIT: In current urw version one should put the fresh skin into the cellar and cut the whole carcass asap. Then clean the skin. A dedicated tanning cellar near waterline helps too - though not very realistic/immersive. Hopefully suggestion on field dressing and quartering passes. It would make initial butchering faster.
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On my second load focusing on the hide, delaying cooking came off okay.

I think there is a narrow window on the de-hair to find it though.

I have had fats spoil in cellars too, probably early fall so warmer.


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I meant to get to this sooner.

In spite of being grossly inefficient and bumbling my way through this, I managed to smoke all the meat (no stale meat, no spoiled meat) and begin the soaking process on the leather on my first attempt.

Verdict: As expected, not a bug.

And just because my first attempt was so cringeworthy (albeit successful) I made a 2nd attempt that went a little more smoothly:
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I was working on another elk hide.

I was doing agriculture burning and turning soil but often sleeping at the cabin where the hide is.

I could have missed 1, 2 and most 3 days. This is after the elk hide had been soaking for the 10? 12? days. I had gotten through a follow up step to tan. Its now rotted before I can rinse it.

There really is a too small of a margin of error for these big hides.