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« on: December 10, 2020, 03:48:26 AM »
I hired a woodsman to come help me. He didn't have any axes. So I gave him my only axe, a stone axe.

He has felled trees and made many boards for me.

I don't see how to get my stone-axe back from him.

Under communication

"T" trade with NPC is off now, to avoid exploits of robbing them. I get that.

I can "D" Deliver as in give them an item, that is how I gave him my only axe.

The "!" menu doesn't show any options for return my gear.


Related to this I wanted him to help carry some boards. I would want to give them to him and get them back too.


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Use Shift+G or ';' to pick up from a companion as you would with a pack animal. But unlike animals, humans will not carry the burden of things pushed onto them.

Items marked red in the companion inventory cannot be taken without violence. I remember reading about people having trouble getting a weapon back after the companion happens to wield it during a fight, but I can't say for certain if that still happens.


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For this game I ended up making a second stone axe and the first just went into the helper's payments.

However, I wouldnt want to do that with better weapons and I was pretty scared at my only axe being stuck.


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A stone axe is easily replaced if you can make some rope (which is easy if birch bark is available for harvest), but I wouldn't give anything to a companion unless I'm prepared to lose it as payment, so masterworks items would be out of the question unless I had a at least a spare backup beyond my primary one.


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I wouldnt hesitate to give him good items, as long as i have enough for me to do and craft what i want. I mean he's fighting also with me when i should be getting attacked, so its like a small life insurance - no mistake to invest in that.

Btw... How come he can make boards with a stone axe :o? never mind ;) :-X
But can sb tell me how long it is possible to hold the companion?