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Re: "The Challenge" Dug this out...

This is f***ing hard. im gonna die. winter month is starting in a few days, and i dont have anything but a crude javelin, berries,a stone knife, a crude staff, and crude club and some torches. they really help 

Really a completely different playstyle. I dont know if its really doable, if you arent getting really really lucky straight at the beginning.
You could also say that its a different game like this. And you learn a lot, even if you have been playing this for a long time...

January 06, 2020, 07:35:46 PM
Re: Footwraps needed yeah, we went a little on a different path here, sry...

i also think that a simple thing like footrags should be craftable.
bandages are also not a different thing than stripes of cloth...

January 07, 2020, 10:48:06 PM
Bow Balance question Morning ladies


(actual questions highlighted)

I started getting into modding lately, and got nice results with simple stuff.
but even my "better stone axe", as i call it – because its basically a handaxe with inferior damage stats that cannot be crafted beyond rough quality without really good (iron) tools – needed quite a lot of time to try and twerk. But i finally managed it

(for those who are interested or want to put in their two cents – much appreciated:)
Spoiler: show
.Stone-axe-head. "Stone" [effort:3] [phys:arms,hands] *COMMON*    /4h/         
{Stone}   [remove]   
{Stone} [Ground] '+for grinding, chipping and sharpening'   

.Better Stone-axe. "Handaxe" [effort:3] [phys:arms,hands] *COMMON*    /3h/         %-35%
{Stone-axe-head}   [remove]   
{Slender trunk} [remove] 
{Rope} =3= [remove] 
{Fire} '+for piercing a hole for the head into the handle'
{Knife} <Small knife>

Because i really want every single item i create to fit in the game and not being OP, or make existing items redundant. For i believe that sami and erkka the Great know best how powerful an item should be, because they do know the full mechanics... may the the gods forgive me to nerf the vanilla javelin down one damage-point, to fit my stone-tipped spear in... :-\

Which leads me to some rather (at least for me)big questions...:

I have always been wondering about the bow-stats.
Apparently, the long bow is the best bow of all, if you just look at plain stats. Accuracy 7, damage 8.
Obviously, damage stats are transparent, as draw-weight of the bow is controlling it.

But there has to be more to it, something you cannot see about the properties of a bow.
I mean, the Northern bow does have the same AC value as a simble, primitive juniper bow, and worse than a short bow, which you can craft.
Nevertheless i believe that it is actually more accutate than the juniper stick.
I really dont want (developers) to deconstruct everything here, but its hard to balance self made items when you dont exactly know what the values actually resemble.
There are two hints in the encyclopedia:

Long Bow: "(...)amazing power and accuracy,but it takes years of training to become proficient in its use."
Northern Bow"(...)outstanding performance, and these bows are the finest and the fastest ones(...)"

1.1 What about accuracy?

I mean, ease of use has to be hidden in the items' properties, because both northern and long bow are hard to use but have different accuracy. 

Bowstats at a glance
Spoiler: show
                       Acc    Bl    EdPnt    Weight    Val    Val/lbs.    Comments

Northern Bow    5    0    0    8    3 lbs.    176    58,66    Cultural item of Northern tribes

Hunting Bow    5    0    0    7    4 lbs.    144    36    

Long Bow        7    0    0    8    4 lbs.    80    20    

Shortbow        6    0    0    6    2 lbs.    40    20    Can be crafted

Juniper Bow     5    0    0    6    2 lbs.    16    8    Can be crafted (called Primitive Bow)

Is Accuracy stat reciprocally proportional to the handling of a bow?
The outstanding crossbow stat(8) tells me: No.
I am definitely no expert, but i think a crossbow is much easier to handle than a long bow... and a recurve bow also needs training... or not?

1.2 What about "speed"(referring to the description of the Northern bow)?

Has anyone experienced differences in shooting speed of different bows, besides the crossbow, which actually has a shown reload-time?

1.3 What about the actual inflicted damage output considering bow and arrow damage?

Can i control that as well by twerking the Arrow-damage stat?
For example, if i want to make a less powerful arrow, and i set its damage to 5, is the bow overwriting that with its own damage?
My speculation would be that the outcome is some kind of combination math here... at least that's what i expect.
But is there any method of estimating the damage output of a modified arrow...? 

Much thanks for Answering that stuff. It would really help me to understand which "model" items i can use to get the desired stats and properties in the self .modded. one.

February 18, 2020, 01:56:20 PM
Re: Bow Balance question Ok, uhm... perhaps first of all sorry for digging up and penetrating you with that seemingly old topic...
I can well understand it is "not your playstyle" to know everything about the mechanics, it's not mine either.
And sure some correlations should not be too visible for players in order to have a nice gaming experience. Some day, i will find out if the spirits like pike or roach better, before or after the catch, every or every second day...

On the other hand, some are realy, realy foggy. And repeatedly testing is not delivering any technical expertise. So there must be a balance between knowing all, and knowing nothing about game mechanics.
Second, my problems do not concern gameplay. Gameplay is actually very fine – if not perfect, considering balance, realism, and ambient feeling.
But when i mod new things in, i want to know what i am changing, just because the base game is balanced that well.
It is almost for sure that the new item or thing or whutever i add, is not fitting in the balanced system when i just dont have basic information like, for example:

 – Does the name of the bow lead the enginge to treat it differently? (i guess so, will test. Trusting the realistic calculations of the devs, i think/hope that will actually have the biggest impact)
 – Is weight of the bow changing something? (i guess so, will test)
 – Is the bow damage combined with the arrow damage?(i guess so, but thats almost impossible to test) 
 – Is the Rate of fire differing?

I have already soaked up all information i could find and i am well aware of the forum search possibility, but actually for these answers there are not really any information found.
Or perhaps i have to dig deeper?... Additionally i cannot browse the old forum, dunno if its broken but i cannot visit that website.
What i can find, are people complaining about not hitting a moving bird at 50 yards despite being the best archer in the (Unreal)World, and i think many of us are tired of that one.

I think there is a lack of centralized information on some things, many infos are scattered over different sites. The Wiki is a extremely useful and important tool, yet giving much outdated or wrong information. The Enzyklopedia is more reliable imho, because its written my the devs themselves, but does only give you cryptic or abstract info.

Just an example: 


Wiki says, its good when you have low bow skill, because of the high accuracy.
Enzyklopedia says, it takes years of training to shoot one.

If that is not a paradoxon, i dont know what is. So one of them must be wrong, and i dont think its the Enzy...
Perhaps i can put that stuff a little bit together here, because people like me will repeatedly ask those questions. And if somebody wants to join, much appreciated. If not, feel free to ignore ::) Really no sarkasm intended ;). I mean, what's the point in having a wiki or a forum with people who talk about the game... It's all about knowledge

March 10, 2020, 02:10:27 PM
Re: Micromanaging Rope lengths problem yea, that of course would make things more convenient.
i just offered a workaround for the current system. what i do, is precutting a big number of tying stuff, so i end up with some straight, and some uneven numbers of cord. So i dont have to cut all of them down to 1ft. It is a method of moderate effort, yet it has the downside having many different lenthgs of tying stuff, and if theres different qualities, it can get somewhat messy...

but perhaps there is another option, although it would turn over the whole system again:

treat it just like repairing or crafting clothes. e.g. when you repair a coat which is missing 1,2 lmbs and you choose the cloth for repair, the game system automatically cuts off 1,2 lmbs of that, and does not waste the rest.
It is actually just a realistic thing that if you got a 15 ft cord and you craft a bow, for which you need a cutting tool anyway, the character cuts of that needed 5 ft for the bow, as part of the crafting process – and saves the spare 10 ft. i mean, where should that spare cord go anyway...?

March 11, 2020, 12:28:00 PM
Re: Adding marriage - poll about how you find its priority
Found out topic about companions so this already implemented. Now I dont see a necessary to add marriage additionaly.

My suggestion also would be not adding marriage as a lone standing feature, but having npc action and interaction becoming more complex. Like, making the world more alive with autonomously acting beeings, may they be animals or humans.

And at some point, any given individual would perhaps establish some kind of binding to the player's character.
Depending on your interactions, perhaps some simple differences in "npc personality" (like, "naive", "simple-hearted", "trusting", "unprejudiced" "neutral", "skeptical", "wary", "distrustful", "unapproachable"...)

that would automatically implement a kind of life partner/companion, neutral speaking, whatever you make of it.

It could be a woman/man you made gifts to for an exceedingly long time,
or an outcast hunter that you helped with an injury and becoming your friend,
a child you care of after having rescued it from a njerpez village raid

or an old man, who asks you for food and shelter, and gives back some teaching about wooden crafting, cooking, trapping, herbs, or just telling you some stories, because he has nothing else to give...

March 11, 2020, 01:20:27 PM
Re: Version 3.62 released on Steam, and for lifetimers Sacrificing a mud worm for you, Master

March 17, 2020, 02:44:03 AM
Re: Cruel hand of Winter? I think you hit him with the paddle on the head without noticing, while you were in turbulent rapids... 8)

If i were sami, i would pay you for reporting those rare incidents, even reproducing them ;D
Aint you that guy who told about beeing murdered in sleep as well?

anyway, i guess its not meant to be that way(on topic)

March 19, 2020, 08:12:06 PM
Re: How do I build wealth
The initial proficiency of production skills is low. It will be better to add two points after completing the two task chains, but that will be a long time later. If you plan to stay at home, you should need cows. When I try to be a craftsman, I always need to go busy with food, hunting, farming, or fishing. Craftsmen need a stable food supply. If you choose a culture that is good at fighting, hunting is the best choice. If your skills are not high enough, you can consider using traps, which are very efficient, as long as you target meat, fish, or turnips. Fox traps are hit all the time. I once encountered three bears in a small area, set up three traps, starved the three bears... Hunting animals need to use long-range weapons because they will run away, bows or javelins, or unpopular crossbows. Use traps to trap animals, then use these animals to train your skills. I'm not sure if you hate hunting, or think that hunting is too slow to accumulate wealth. If it is the latter, you can roll out a higher vision when creating characters, so that you can easily find prey. Speed ​​is not that important for hunting. It’s good to grasp the timing of sneaking, but speed is very important for the overall progress of the game

I wouldnt say that speed is not important for hunting... i once tried to run down a heavily wounded and fatigued reindeer with a slow character(5km/h walking, 9km/h sprinting) and it was a pain... i think it took one whole day. Both of us where crawling in the end, i had to club that poor thing at least 20 times before it finally fell...

August 11, 2020, 01:12:22 AM
Re: IF you could see any mod created, what would it be? yeah, i think there should be a library for valid parameters. For example, i dont know how i can look up the correct code description for some tiles or even items.

I took almost an hour to find out my mistake when digging clay didnt work: the game doesnt know any "hole in the ground" anymore(I used old mod code for blueprint). i randomly typed "pit" and it worked. but that was just lucky and i dont know where to look it up.

BUT i think me and paul miss the topic a little.

I would love to see the spirit world more... alive. For example more Rituals, little spells, perhaps enchanting stuff.
long time ago a had this idea:

burial mounds with treasures("tumulus", "dolmen") for pleasing the spirits when somebody dies.
Or, for big time-annoying them: Robbing a grave! Would really contribute to the spiritual-fantasy gameplay.
Possibility to bury objects of value or food together with the dead, depending on the individuum's profession/way of dying/culture.

Be punished by the spirits, if you don't do a funeral;
A LOT if you rob a grave! but you can get out of it after a long time of pleasing the spirits again.
Graves also should be generated randomly and seldomly.

But i would hate the game for becoming some kind of sword & horse fantasy.
I think the biggest appeal of this fantasy elements are those indirect, foggy effects. This is what i love.
Seeing a shaman hurling a fireball at enemies would make me quit.

Demons, yes. But not like horned creatures that attack, but perhaps like possessed animals.
Especially if the character hadnt been concerned with pleasing spirits:
A bull elk randomly goes crazy on you; you wake up surrounded by snakes in your own yard; crows stealing random stuff from you unless you feed them some seeds and please the spirits.
You'd say without limitations! ;)

October 27, 2020, 01:21:44 PM