Topic: [3.63] The ice breaks and you fall in the freezing water  (Read 659 times)


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I was on a punt. I dropped my items to lighten my weight penalties. Suddenly, I fall into the water. I must've done this hundreds of times, but this time, I got this message:

Code: [Select]
(143270):abgf:[#]{04D40535}      | Fishing options: Retrieve a net
(663333):abgf:[&]{04D40535}      | You start retrieving the net from the water...
(3C5A98):abgf:[:]{04D40535}      | Meanwhile, squirrel enters your view...
(147870):abgf:[?]{04D40535}      | Abort task?
(008000):abgf:[=]{04D40535}      | You caught 3 breams!
(575757):abgf:[_]{04D40535}      | The catch now awaits at your feet to be picked up.
(3C5A98):abgf:[:]{04D40535}      | You drop the fine fishing rod.
(A80000):abgf:[!]{04D40535}      | The ice breaks and you fall in the freezing water!
(3C5A98):abgf:[:]{04D40535}      | You feel bitterly cold.
(663333):abgf:[&]{04D40535}      | You swim at ease.
(3C5A98):abgf:[:]{04D40535}      | You drop the net.
(143270):abgf:[#]{04D40535}      | Using: FISHING
(143270):abgf:[#]{04D40535}      | Fishing options: Retrieve a net

Is this a bug or is it normal to fall off your punt?


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Also happens almost always when 'landing' on ice with a raft. Ice breakage accounts for all the weight on the tile.

Seems you were on the verge already and those 3 breams were too much. (I don't think the dropping fishing rod was the cause, the limit was already passed and you were probably making breakage checks every turn after the catch.)

But how come you had to swim? My chap usually bounces back to the raft automatically on the same turn, just bitterly cold.
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That is simply the message produced by the game when this happened. On the same "turn", my character was back on the punt.


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I’ve reported same issue when breaking ice with a raft. But my character was standing in the water. On the raft tile. I think it was in 3.52 or so.