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Setting up for another character writing project.


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Character name: Pekka
(Finnish meaning: Rock)

Objective: Fresh play with game changes, writing practice

Rules of play:
= Writing practice
It is another writing practice so I might reload after a death like for accidents. Example: If I’m real life tired and not paying attention then walk onto ice that breaks and drown.
= Washed ashore
A modification to Bouddia’s island challenge allowing the character only clothing they might have easily swum in. Shirt and trousers are okay but cloaks and hoods have to be ditched. No starting tools nor weapons. The idea being the character swam ashore. Perhaps as an escaped slave or tossed overboard in a storm.
There were stat rerolls to get a plausible carpenter-fisherman. I liked that idea from the very short Iltros play.

Might add a weapon trainer mod later.

Links to my other stories:





The island challenge

An adventure to emulate Conan

A long adventure establishing a first winter house


General Sacrifice
Bear skull rite
Carry bear teeth to find hares and birds
Going rod fishing

Attributes on 1-2
Int 3.5
Will 3.5
Str 3
End 3
Dex 5
Agi 3
Speed 3
Eye 4
Hear 3
Smell 3
Touch 3

Better skills:
Carpentry 60% skilled
Fishing 48% Competent


Unreal, no starting quests.


His Driik family is boat builders and fishermen. During a winter sea transit a storm blew his craft far off course. Then he was taken overboard. Taken by a wave they might say but he swears there was hands guided by a face in the water. When he came too he was washed ashore. Having blindly staggered inland his confusion the new life begins.

Starting wounds:1-3
Minor puncture in right shoulder 3
Bruise in right hip 2
Bruise in thorax 0.5
Shallow cut in right thigh 0.5
Shallow cut in thorax 2

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Pekka woke up to cold air. His breath passed over the frosty grass. Drips of melted ice-dew slid over his bare chest tingling alertness as it went. He pushed himself up onto feet. The icy water in them squished during the of his fine leather boots. The fine linen trousers were still on him thanks to the leather belt. Everything else had been lost to the water.
Were there hands?
The winter storm had come up suddenly upon their clinkered punt. The passengers were afraid and one chanted in their foreign language. A wave smashed upon his back.
Were there hands and a face?
That ice cold grip pulling him back. His hip hit the side then his torso toppled over the edge. A face looked at him. In the water or through the water?
In an twirl of dancing storm waves the boat was gone. His fur cloak was dragging him down as if heaved upon by those hands. It had been a struggle to get to get it off. Then the push to the surface with a face looking at him as he passed.
There was air again. A loss of direction. Flailing arms unskilled in swimming clawing for life. Then the blackness of fate.
Now he was on frosty grass half naked, hurt but alive. His right shoulder had a whole punched into the flesh. From a branch? A narwhal’s horn? Or the claw of an icy finger. He shuddered.
Looking beside him there was a rock. It seemed to stare at him. He picked it up. It glinted of quartz and flints.
“Well aren’t you a precious gift,” Pekka said, “My name means rock and here a rock is. A wonderful one to become shaped and give me fires. Thank you rock. Let us journey together in life.”

<Pekka’s pet rock>


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That rock was soon chipped into a basic cutting tool. To keep from freezing a fallen tree was set to burn. Spruce limbs were brought down then woven into a pair of mats. Hungry, thirst and snow woke him in the night. Yet Pekka remained alive thanks to that tree fire. A javelin for fishing had been managed.

Come the morning was a quest for water. A circling farther out lead to a short climb. Avoiding that spied snow gathering on ice of the sea coast. It took the javelin to break an opening to drink. Thrusting the fire hardened javelin in also revealed it was to shallow for fishing.

Pekka patrolled north then south. Smashing the ice with the javelin revealed it too was shallow. South revealed a rocky outcrop in the water. Advancing along these protrusion found deeper water. The fishing failed this time. Pekka knew at least it was worth trying here.

Winds still danced with chill as he walked up a slope. Now he could see this island. There were other rises to view from. There didn’t seem to be any settlements. Pine and spruce were mixed giving him choices in material. The cliff itself had patches of withering heather flowers, the first things he could eat.

((wow, you need fires to build anything in this, he died building a shelter in daylight.))


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One wonders if the game has updated since Bouddia first issued the challenge. haha.


The cold mechanics now have you getting drowsy from cold. You fall asleep which leaves you getting cold and for that time stops your building. It is a nasty death spiral. Getting the first shelter for naked or near naked in even earlier winter is... difficult.

The winter kills.

Which makes surviving at other times all the more rewardings.