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Name: Kylpymies

Approximate translation in Finnish of water (kylpy) man (mies)

Rules of play:
= Writing practice
It is another writing practice so I might reload after a death like for accidents. Example: If I’m real life tired and not paying attention then walk onto ice that breaks and drown.
= Concept: Fishing-boatbuilder so will reroll for good dex and touch. I will discard ‘supermen’ with high scores everywhere.

Culture: Islander

Sex: Male

Season: Winter

General Sacrifice
Bear Skull Rite
Net favorableness
Going rod fishing

Focus on Carpentry and Fishing. Also militia training with axe, shield and bow. Trimmed skiing and weatherlore.

Starting wounds: -64% (yikes)
Scale 1-5
Bruise in left upper arm 3
Serious cut in left thigh 3
Shallow cut in thorax 1
Minor puncture in left elbow 1
Minor puncture in left forearm 3
Shallow cut in left forearm 3
Shallow cut in thorax 3
Minor puncture in face 1
Shallow cut in right hip 2


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Eyes flutter open.

The foreigners had brought the wrath of icy seas upon them. Many wounds blotched with blood cover the naked body. All the gear taken by away. Had it been pirates or angry seas or was it fulfillment of the ritual of cleansing. That these were the wounds suffered to take away the sea’s own pain.
Klypymies turned. The wind brushed on his tightening man pouch. Lingonberries taunted him with their red brightness. Rocks, stones, pines and a few spruce. This was where he began.
A cold walk found rocks and stones of various types. These would soon be shaped by knapping or arrayed in a fire circle. Rough rocks revealed themselves rising high. Pink heather flowers swayed in the breeze. These were edible yet tasted of the iced dew.
Climbing allowed the freezing fisherman-boat builder to look about. This island rose sharply with pine and spruce amid these cliffs. Ice reached out to other tiny islands and one small one to the north east.
Klypymies made for the spruce area. He hoped to find a place sheltered among them for a shelter yet close to water that one might fish from. For some reason he dare not go further. Perhaps he approached the limits of the spirits that shielded him or was it a cage by the foreigners?
So it would take burning a log and making spruce twig mats to pass the first night alive. His wounds were so great he couldn’t knap the stone into a knife. The searching had found the right ones but he couldn’t manage a hard enough hit.
The second day was spent trying to rock fish. It hadn’t worked. The flowers and berries slowed the hunger but he was soon starving. He had seen enough wind tipped trees to burn for several days of warmth. It occurred to him that rather than waste strength pounding the ice with a log to end over end turn a log to smash the ice, then pull the log back to the shore. This made it much easier to keep a clear hole.
His numerous cuts and bruises ached where icy water swept off dirt. The heather flowers the best bandage he could find. Twisting the leaves the plant’s own juices would mix onto his skin. He hoped it would fend off sickness.
Dabbled in flowers, amid the spruce mats and next to the remains of the log fire he made it through the second night. His left arm was still to ruined to work a knife. Thus he lived onto the third day.

<Kylpymies to third day>>>


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It was a deepening struggle. The wounds healed too slow to knapp a knife. Finding logs only found a slender trunk. Though at last a fish was caught. A slapping rock hit to a seven pound pike. This might work, building fires where he could fish.
A few days passed, including the day he almost died. While cleaning his wounds a pulse of blood burst out over and over. A type of artery had been torn. The blood gush was first noticed as its warmth soaked over his still naked skin. Cramming heather flower in made a scab. The flow stopped while he was dizzy.
Moving on the island was strange indeed. Places he had been warned him not to come back. Later it was as if the wood allowed him. It was unclear to Kylpymies if he had caused offense or if it was warning him. He gave bits of flower or berry to honor the spirits.
Plucking off the flower-scab the bleeding failed to return. Testing his muscles he could move well. They still pained him yet at last he had the strength to bang two rocks together. He finally shaped the rocks he had carried nearly a week. This would speed the gathering of branches for firewood and save his now calloused hands!

<Kylpymies made stone knife>>>


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Having learned to bundle hundreds of branches for burning he regretted those early days burning felled trees. Surely later he would feel the want of them. Sleeping next to large branch fires upon and within spruce mats was quite warm, though the snow bothered him so.
Now with the stone knife middling trees could be downed. The knife circled around again and again until it could be snapped. Thin logs gave a more viable fire for the time it took to gather. Notches would let them sit together to frame a shelter. A new weave for a wind screen and the two spruce mats inside made it much better. Set as it was next to the fishing spot he felt better of his survival chances.
(Careful not to have spruce mats nearby as game sees them as 1 unit of spruce not 40)
From here he would sortie out for branches. The slender trunks from now on would be saved for making traps. Meat from traps would make a great difference in his survival. Knowing the shelter with floor mat, blanket mat and stocks of burnables would let him gather across the island.
On his gather he dared out a little longer than might be wise. Then that dread came again shunning him away from his only shelter!

<Kylpymies cut off>>>


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General thoughts as that using the first release version of Night's map selector put this too close to the world edge. This is not something the character can resolve. So this story line is halted. Feedback was given to Night. The selector mod has since been updated. A buffer has been put on the edges to avoid the invisible wall issues.

If you wish to use the mod it is at:


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Kylpymies would be ‘bathman’ (kylpeä: to bathe)

‘Vesi’ is water.

A community service :)


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Ah yes... the legendary spirit Bathman