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Robbers are the most annoying feature in the game for me. With group of ~6, with archers and they move faster than my character with 7km/h base speed.
Always get “start again from beginning and forget about doing anything progressive when skills have malus and all your clothes, armor and weapons were taken. And your dog(s) got killed”

I force quit when robbers are involved. Not worth the CPU cycles to zoom in.


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Yes ‘malus’ is opposite of ‘bonus’. A malign effect.
Meeting with robbers ends up in malus every time as I don’t surrender my hard earned wealth away to ruffians.

But since fully given up hope of balanced robbers, I simply reload from an earlier backup than waste my time on even attempting to deal with “bump-in on Wilderness map robbers with zero evasion chance given these guys move skiless on snow faster than grandmaster can ski”
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