Topic: Save companions from accidental death in body piles  (Read 1188 times)


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If you fight robbers and your felled questing companion is unconscious when an unconscious enemy falls on top of him, trying to finish off the enemy with an eager spear strike got my friend in the same tile killed instead. 

A definite "Tuomo, nooooooooo.."  moment because I thought the game would understand that we're not trying to kill Tuomo. It'd be nice if there was a check for this situation, and the spear strike went at the intended (enemy) target first, and only killed Tuomo if I persisted striking the spot when the enemy is already dead.
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And if you're holding off and are unlucky, the robber wakes up before Tuomo and kills him... It probably applies to the situation where you want to stop Toumo from bleeding out, where I suspect the game may either apply the remedy to the enemy (I've never tried to do that, so I don't know if it's possible) or claim that the enemy can't be healed as he's an enemy/not bleeding.

A related (but far less dire) situation is when hauling logs with a cow. When zooming in to a map tile, the dog and the cow both occupy the tile directly to the east of my character, and it's sort of random whether the dog's or the cow's inventory is the one that's available (no, you can't push the log onto the dog. It's too heavy, or: the dog isn't carrying anything). an also happen when traveling with companions.
It's possible to work around the issue by shifting around so there's only a single critter in the tile in the hauling case, of course.