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Re: Old mods Njerpez cookery is back in action, just posted an updated 1.01 version in the mod release section:

It's a minor update including a small bugfix for Linux and a salo improvement that PALU came up with in the old NjerpezCookery thread. Enjoy guys!   8)

February 12, 2018, 08:57:14 AM
Re: Harvest field near village I often go and plant my own stuff on village fields - both using their plots and making my own next to theirs. In my experience the key is to not get caught, you can't let people see you picking stuff up. They don't seem to mind you extending their fields. So you harvest during the night, so those annoying maidens wandering around don't spot you in the act of pulling some turnips out. Another thing is, when harvest time comes, I'm pretty sure the villagers will harvest your plots for themselves along with theirs, but they can't harvest all of them at once and there will still be plenty of unharvested ones for a while after harvest season starts.

Pretty sure they make no distinction between their plots and the ones you made next to theirs, they're all considered to be theirs and you'll get a warning and then a good beating if spotted.

After harvesting just pile the goods in some safe spot nearby, recently there was a feature added where villagers get suspicious if they see you hauling a lot of veggies in the village that look like they're from their field... Later on when everyone's gone to sleep, I'm loading the pile onto my bull and heading home with a self-satified feel of a job well done.

The stuff they harvested "for me" will be in their shops and stores, which is useful to me because in late game you usually have plenty of stuff to trade with. Piles of turnips and wheat can be had for cheap, those piles would've taken a lot of time and back-breaking effort to harvest on a private field.

February 12, 2018, 12:39:37 PM
Re: Best Trap Fence Setup? You have the right idea there, it's kinda hard to say what is the optimum because fences work on a few interacting factors (as far as I know):

  • Are there animals nearby on the zoomed out worldmap? They seem to be individually tracked out there and will wander about, preferring the types of terrain that's appropriate to the animal to hang out.
  • For each trap on the map, is the trapping skill good enough to attract one of those? How about the bait, is it right for the animal?How about how long the trap has been live (needs a certain base amount of time, a day or two)? There seems to be a max of 2-3 animals that can be attracted no matter how many traps you placed in a location, so multiplying traps is not effective. About 3-5 big traps per map is plenty. I had good luck with long chains of hare traps and loopsnares, so maybe the cap does not apply to smaller animals or they have a different cap.
  • If those conditions check out, then the animal is placed on the map at a random spot and is given some "head start"
  • It starts bumbling around and doing its thing, if hungry it makes a beeline for any food, including food in the traps you laid
  • During this bumbling it is influenced by the fences, it actually bumps into them and tries to walk around, it sees trapped holes in the fence as walkable holes. This means that a single baited trap surrounded by trapfence encirclements with trapped routes to reach the baited spot might be an effective idea to try out - catch everybody and optionally save on bait if you're short
  • Rituals and higher trapping skills seem to attract animals to traps more as they bumble

I've also tried building vast multi-map trap fences that close the gap between major bodies of water, thinking that will help me funnel lots of reindeer into my trapline. It was effective but not as effective as I thought it would be - pretty sure the vast multi-map funnel between bodies of water didn't make a difference, it just treated each map with a trap fence as a singular thing.

So in conclusion my thinking about this is, the most effective trap fence is having multiple trap fences quite a long way apart in every cardinal direction and based in varied types of terrain, with your main camp or base being in the middle between all the traps spread out radially. Maybe half a day of walking or more (more non-overlapping zoomed out area to "gather" animals for each one trap-map), and using basic fence builds like you're already doing, plus the right bait. Elk and reindeer are attracted to berries. Hares like turnips, reindeer too but probably not as much as berries. Wolf traps are good because they catch smaller/medium animals such as wild pigs, pinemartens,lynxes. Pit traps with both berry/meat baits on each one seem effective too. Birds also go for the berries. No animal seems to care about leaves, seeds, or beans (might be Sami's oversight?).

If you're having bad luck and not catching anything for weeks, kick the trap down and re-set it, might improve your odds.

Another effective measure is having a secondary camp (with secondary trap spots etc) where you go to live for a few weeks, once in a while. Living far away from home for a time lets the main area refresh and repopulate with animals if you've been catching them all and it's running low.

February 12, 2018, 01:32:38 PM
Re: Catching a glutton - advice? Very exciting.

Try re-setting the traps (by kicking them) and putting only fresh raw meat cuts (or fresh small fish) on them. Spoiled bait is not useful, it seems to make them avoid traps.

The right trap for the glutton is the small and the big deadfall trap. One lower from the bear one.  It's supposed to be the smaller one, but I'm very sure I've caught gluttons with the bigger version too, same one that catches wolves.

It's probably small enough to squeeze through the trap fences and is ignoring your delicious traps because the meat in them is spoiled!

February 12, 2018, 02:31:47 PM
Re: Catching a glutton - advice? The character's looking well satisfied. :D
February 14, 2018, 01:18:44 AM
Re: 6 for 6 Bear trapping That's a very effective "in range" strategy for trapping, if you have the foresight to bring everything needed. You can catch elk and reindeer the same way if you bring a couple turnips for bait.  The bear trap or trap-pit will catch those big elks for you too.  Berries if you're catching birds.

I caught some runaway foxes this way with no trap at all, by setting up a piece of meat when I thought I was in range of the hiding fox, and then hiding myself a good distance away with a loaded crossbow. With some luck and patience (passing time with the "." key held down till you see movement)  the foxes do come to sniff the meat after they calm down from the chase you gave them before, so you can get that perfect straight line shot.

Btw if you ever wondered like me, what happens to animals when you leave the area - I can confirm that they don't just despawn. I went seal hunting recently near the sea area and been peppering this one poor seal with arrows over 4 days in roughly the same neighbourhood where I first found him. I felt like giving up several times, thinking for sure he just despawned and it's fruitless. After many days, it was a triumph to finally down him with a lucky shot - I got a seal that had 8 different arrows in him, so for sure it was the same one!  Each time I'd hit him, he would dive and then I could only rarely find him the same day a secodn time, but I'd go back to camp and sleep, then return when it was bright morningtime again and start looking for him all over again. I was finding that seal on zoomed-in map mode, even though a lot of the time he could not be seen when zoomed out.

So my theory is that animals won't just de-spawn, they may wander off though. But they're still there on the global map, and there's a chance you might find your wounded elk some day still even if they get away on you in the chase the first time.

November 12, 2018, 05:55:47 PM
Re: Defense of Cattle? Oh yeah, it's a rare occurence but the wolves and lynxes will kill cows if they're hungry. This happens especially in spring. You can reduce this by building traps around the cow pens, so that hopefully the predators will be distracted and get caught in the trap. That's not a 100% solution but sometimes it works. I also leash some dogs so that they are in range of the cows, if a predator shows up the dogs will aggro on them and hopefully scare them away.
November 12, 2018, 06:51:33 PM
Re: Secret Female Quests And what's with the Driik women never baking any bread? These females getting out of control.
November 14, 2018, 06:21:13 PM
Re: Life hurts Get well soon man!

Do try my Bear Strong drink, it is good for wounds and as a herbal beverage.

December 01, 2018, 07:01:35 PM
Re: Best way to preserve berries long-term ? Here's the dried berries from my NjerpCookery mod:

Code: [Select]
.Dried berries.  (4)   *COOKERY* /10/ \6d\  %30% :151: 
{Berries}   #8#     [remove] [roast] [name:dried %s] [optional]
{Board} '+to lay out the berries in the sun'

You can paste into your cookery_glossary.txt to try it out. The berries in the first entry are marked [optional] which I feel makes it a lot more versatile in gameplay because it's not often that you have the full 8lbs of berries the recipe calls for, but making smaller batches was annoying me when I did have larger amounts of berries amasssed, because of how many keypresses it was. This way seems to be a nice compromise that no longer feels annoying, to me.

Note that you can make dried berries outta literally nothing with this recipe because of how [optional] works, it will take any amount including 0 berries. But if you do that, you quickly find out the joke will be on you, since dried berries made of thin air will have 0 nutrition value  ;D

December 13, 2018, 04:14:03 AM