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Bug reports / Bugged cooking names
« on: January 07, 2019, 06:41:21 PM »
Using a liquid beverage (heather, nettle etc.) as seasoning in a cooking recipe by hitting TAB and going to "container" upon selection causes the cooking recipe to be assigned the wrong name.

For example, an expected mixed mushroom soup will become "a mixed. "   

A pea soup becomes "a pot of pea".

This can be reproduced everytime and only happens when using a beverage as seasoning.

Suggestions / Save companions from accidental death in body piles
« on: November 14, 2018, 06:24:55 PM »
If you fight robbers and your felled questing companion is unconscious when an unconscious enemy falls on top of him, trying to finish off the enemy with an eager spear strike got my friend in the same tile killed instead. 

A definite "Tuomo, nooooooooo.."  moment because I thought the game would understand that we're not trying to kill Tuomo. It'd be nice if there was a check for this situation, and the spear strike went at the intended (enemy) target first, and only killed Tuomo if I persisted striking the spot when the enemy is already dead.

Mod Releases / Njerpez Cookery Mod v1.01
« on: February 12, 2018, 07:53:58 AM »
for URW 3.30+ Steam and Free-version

Cook like Picasso, eat like a steppe chieftain. A fascinating variety of new Njerpez-culture inspired cookery recipes to play with.

The mod features dozens of new dishes and reworked old favorites, carefully balanced for gameplay purposes. There are no "filler" recipes, everything here has its proper use and a strategic importance in the life of the nomad warrior. No longer will you cringe when opening your cookery menu, to just give up and "stick to my smoked cuts", with this mod you always have a wide variety of synergistic and exciting new options to work with. Most have some kind of real-life link to the prototypical Njerpez culture.

What's new at a glance:
  • Wholesome and filling recipes that last longer than vanilla, both in terms of calories and with regard to spoilage. The cookery menu is now your gateway to superior food, as it should be, yet is not too overpowered and invites roleplay depth. All recipes in this mod are tuned to use the whole pot capacity as a concession to gameplay flow, so the days of making 1.4lbs of porridge over and over again are finally behind you. Here you make 6lbs at once, and it will be more rich, manly porridge too, because water use in this mod is more abstract than vanilla.
  • New concepts for URW, like legit small-game shishkebabs (with makeable "shampur" sticks and all), traditional loaves of oven bread that can be twice-baked and made into salty Njerpez "traveller biscuits" for preservation and the sustenance of a warrior on the move, Njerpezit kvass (a truly delicious, tangy fermented non-alcoholic drink made with rye bread) and salo (salt-cured animal fat with berries and condiments)!
  • All-new uses for flour, salt, milk, many vegetables, grains & herbs. Now you can make easy and quick roast-turnip in the embers of a fire, and enjoy them like that. OR, take the roast turnips and mash them in a bowl sprinkled with minced smoked meats... Delectable!
  • The ability to use one recipe to enhance another, e.g. make mashed turnips and some roast pike, then use these as stuffing for your own oven-buns (Njerpez pierogi). Fingerlicking good.
  • New tile-graphics for many of the recipes, thoughtful balancing to make your cookery options expand meaningfully and satisfyingly the more variety of ingredients you possess. Flour and milk are the key advantage of a well-settled character, as they will allow you to make previously unimaginable delicacies. But even if you don't have those luxuries at hand, the potted dishes, whole cooked fish, unique Njerp soups like Hunter's Borsch and Okroshka, will encourage you in the exploration of the traditional culinary arts.

Basically, the only thing we're not going to be cooking in this mod is Njerpez cuts. So sorry, our cannibal brothers and sisters, this is not the mod for you despite the misleading title. If however, your interest is piqued to try some of these steppe goodies, then I am hopeful you will enjoy it at least as much as I do in my games. Njerpez cooking has many interesting "strategies" in it to discover, and I will dedicate a whole post below to offer a guide to both enlighten you to some new possibilities and give a little historical context. Meanwhile... grab it below.


Copy archive contents to your URW folder and overwrite when asked.

For Steam version, the URW folder is going to be in: YourSteamFolder/SteamApps/common/UnRealWorld/

What changed in version 1.01:
- updated the salo recipe with lingonberry improvements suggested by steppe cook PALU
- fixed issue with kebab stick truetile on linux (thanks koteko!)
- updated recipe guide with some new pics & descriptions

Download Mirror (it's the same file as in the attachment):

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