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I'd like to go to a village to special house where i could talk to a repairer. I would pay him in advance and come back after one week.
For repairing we should go to that region where we can buy such item e.g. we should go to a village in Kuikka-tribe region to repair northern bow. Repairing price would be or the same as buying price (i prefer this) or depending on % of damage.
What do you think?


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I usually just turn off weapon damage entirely. Seeing as there is no way to repair items. I'm not sure how much an axe for example could possibly be damaged by regular use. Seems like a feature that some players might like and others might not. I would probably want it to be optional as it is now if implemented.


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Many things can be damaged like armors, clothes, nets...
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I would like it if I could repair my fur-shirt instead of crafting a new one with the materials of the old one. (So that I might be able to keep the Fine or Masterwork  :))