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Just found a treasure for the first time - 2 masterwork handaxes, 2 masterwork leather boots, 4 superior lynx-furs, 2 bags of barley-flour, and 2 pieces of bronze jewelry!  ;D ;D ;D

That's way, way more valuable than any other quest reward I've gotten - is this the normal amount in a treasure cache?


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I also finished my first quest after downloading the update... Cant wait what is there to explore!


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If you scroll to the third post from the bottom in this old-forum thread, by Saiko Kila, you'll see a few different treasure chests and their contents/values listed. I take absolutely no credit for the work he put into that little list, but that's a good place to see comparative treasure values. Looks like yours was one of the more valuable ones, good find!

If you don't want to go look, essentially the difference is based on which culture left the treasure, with Driik providing the most valuable, and one recorded instance of a Reemi treasure having nothing but an old fish, if my memory serves me correctly.
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I just dug up a Driik treasure:
  • 2 Masterwork spears
  • 6 superior grey seal furs
  • masterwork birch shoes
  • 2 bags barley flour
  • 2 bags barley grains
  • bronze ball pendant


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this is a good thread for necromancing
kuikka treasure in kaumo region
(3C5A98):i4g3:[:]{0774041B}      | You pick up the 9 superior arrows.
(3C5A98):i4g3:[:]{0774041B}      | You pick up the masterwork leather boots.
(3C5A98):i4g3:[:]{0774041B}      | You pick up the 2 superior wolf furs.
(3C5A98):i4g3:[:]{0774041B}      | You pick up the 4 superior lynx furs.
(3C5A98):i4g3:[:]{0774041B}      | You pick up the perfect loop snare.
(3C5A98):i4g3:[:]{0774041B}      | You pick up the 2 small bronze brooches.
=3614 cuts or 451 squirrel hides