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Gameplay questions / Re: Travel time raft vs. walking?
« on: January 24, 2024, 10:56:06 AM »
@dangerousbrick already mentioned the vehicle max stack size being 40, and I think that's correct.

You can manage/manipulate these limits by making use of the PC max inventory stack capacity as well, so you place 40 (or, for more ease, slightly less) stacks of light items into your PC inventory and the heavy stacks on the vehicle.

In the case of looted clothing, you may want to spend a few days turning the smallest pieces of clothing into bandages to reduce the number of stacks (assuming you have a use for a lot of bandages, but what other use do you have for huge piles of damaged clothing).

In the extreme case you may even fight your inner pack rat and leave some of the most useless stuff behind for a future trip to the area (that's likely never to happen). I know from my own experience that this is really hard to do, though: If it ain't nailed down it has to come with me (unless I can pull out the nails, in which case those items come as well).

Gameplay questions / Re: Wielding a rope
« on: January 17, 2024, 11:30:50 AM »
The game allows you to throw anything, and in most cases it causes some damage, but that doesn't mean it's effective. Similarly, you can hit things with anything you can wield, but, again, it's not particularly effective.

Development News / Re: Haft them axes, haft them spears
« on: January 13, 2024, 11:03:30 AM »
I would suggest the head quality to be stored separately from the quality of the overall item, as suggested above.
I would also suggest considering whether the head should have a separate wear status or not. If it has a separate (future?) wear status, it might be restored through (a future) sharpening activity.
Thirdly, I would suggest a de-hafting activity whereby you remove a  (s)haft from a hafted item to allow the head to be mounted on a new (s)haft. This could be used as preventative maintenance on an item with a badly worn (s)haft, but could also be used to try to improve the quality of an item where the hafting didn't work out properly, resulting in a lower quality item than you'd like.

Elk are good swimmers in real life, so it wouldn't be off if they just ran out into water and swam away.

Running through shallow water should definitely be a thing (at a speed and fatigue cost), but doing so when the ice breaks is probably a very bad idea. Not only do you (the animal) get cold, but also cut by the ice, the progress would be very slow (unless the ice is thin enough to offer little resistance to the legs ), and it would be very strenuous.

Suggestions / Re: Make it easier to find quests + add more quests
« on: December 29, 2023, 09:43:49 AM »
My understanding was that the game can generate multiple quests, but once you encounter one the others are muted, but I'm not certain this is the case.

However, there are some long duration quests that can be active in parallel with "normal" quests (I know this from experience). The quests involving spirits tend to have long duration (so you can get the water spirit in late autumn and not fail it just because all water freezes during the winter, not to mention your character won't fare well from waiting naked for hours when it's freezing cold).

Not bugs / Re: Crops not staying planted?
« on: December 28, 2023, 09:36:35 AM »
Lots of animals can eat crops. I've had significant damage caused by a badger, for instance (managed to hunt it down eventually, but it took many attempts).

Traps can provide protection to some extent. However, traps suitable for small animals will do nothing to stop medium sized animals, and traps for medium sized animals will do nothing against small animals (fences will keep large animals out, although bears can smash them if they find a reason to do so). Small and medium sized animals have no problems passing through fences.

Also note that while trees block passage for ground based animals, they're passable by birds.

My experience is that enemies tire out eventually, but some can run quite far before it starts to affect them. I've attributed that to a light load. Note that "quite far" may well be sufficient for them to catch up with you, in which case you'll have to chose whether to fight back or continue to try to get away (fighting is definitely tiring).

If there is a thick crust on the snow it's probably faster to run than to ski on it, but running will tire you out eventually, while skiing will not (in these conditions, at least if you're a skilled skier).

It doesn't really help that UrW NPC mirror neurons aren't working, so they assume that if they can see someone (or something) you can, even when your sight path is blocked by a building...

Bug reports / Re: [3.82] Two problems with kg calculations and labelling
« on: November 26, 2023, 08:35:55 AM »
There's a setting for the resolution of units in the UI. I think the highest is 3 digits.

I think context should matter.

If you accept a quest to hunt down robbers and you lose companions in that quest, villagers shouldn't refuse to join up for other types of missions because you're an untrustworthy murderer, unless none of them survived (survivors ought to be implicitly assumed to be able to confirm of your story through rumors, even if you don't have them with you at the time you visit that village again).

If, however, you hired someone for a hunting trip or to help out on your homestead, you should have to have a lot of explaining to do to get anyone to risk it with you again (if a robber band attacked you in your homestead and you can prove that, the death of your hired help might be considered to be on the robbers, not you, but if you took your hired hand to hunt robbers, that's a different matter entirely). It would probably be difficult to implement the explanation bit for anything but the robber quest, though.

Having the higher ground in a dueling situation is generally considered advantageous. While the lower ground combatant may have an easier time striking the legs, the higher ground combatant have a reach advantage towards the opponents head, which is a more vital body part.
The kind of weapon used matters, of course: a dagger would be awkward to use, while a spear would reach the lower ground opponent easily.
In the case of a craft, the person on board the craft can also step back and concentrate on attacking during the swimmer's attempt to climb onboard the craft and to push the swimmer back into the water, waiting for the swimmer to tire.

The "somewhere around here" message is given when the target is outside of the village, and so seems to happen when the target is in the other "part" of the village as well.

I managed to replicate the issue and sent a save to Sami. He's responded that he now understand exactly where the problem is and that it will be fixed, so there shouldn't be a need for others to send him any additional saves.

Gameplay questions / Re: What actually affects fishing outcome?
« on: August 06, 2023, 09:29:50 AM »
I don't think wasting resources affects the standing with the spirits, but the amount taken (regardless of if it rots later or not) does, in particular if you don't sacrifice sufficiently (and it's still possible to take more than it's possible to compensate for with sacrifices).

Gameplay questions / Re: What actually affects fishing outcome?
« on: August 04, 2023, 10:31:35 AM »
Depletion: As far as I understand, depletion is implemented on some level. Over fishing of a small lake will deplete it (I believe I've seen that at some time many years ago: fish was back after having waited for a significant amount of time), while you obviously can't deplete the sea (using the tools available, and large powered trawlers are not available).

However, I have no idea whether there is any depletion logic implemented on the smaller scale of fishing spots and areas around them.

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