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Off-topic / Re: Happy new year!
« on: January 02, 2021, 06:47:35 PM »

I also tend to roam around in vacuum-cleaner mode (funny I thought of the word even before finding it in yours, @Dr.Hossa), thus upholding that roguelike tradition.

My camp consists of dispersed piles of sorted goods (junk).

So yes, I too would very much like to see quick-key for toggling vacuum mode on and off (used when entering camp).


Vacuum cleaners for all
This will be the beginning of industrialisation and emanzipation in UrW, should they come.
sorry, my brain's full of garbage.
Next: Thermomix, drip-dry clothes, diaper-change courses for fathers.
Man, i would love to see an female njerpez commander-in-chief fighting machine
stop lazin around, guys, times are changing xD
So better do the laundry 8)

Guides and tutorials / Re: Seal hunting tactics
« on: January 02, 2021, 05:51:19 PM »
yeah this works fine. But not if the seal had been scared too many times before. In that case it will approach you curiously, and then dive when becoming close(even if you dont even blink; i was literally sitting frozen in my boat), It is probably also turning into the opposite direction under water.
hard to tell... Gotta check it out more often. I have used to back up a bit when it swam towards me, to prevent scaring it. I dont know...

One thing that would do harvesting (and some things also) easier would be to allow auto-picking up single item stack, just like one single item is picked without confirmation. But then again, sometimes you only want to pick x items from a stack.
All in all, if this gets implemeneted in the end we'll propably add new “Harvest and pick” command to agriculture menu for this alternative.

That would be really cool.
Especially the first one would be quite handy. perhaps a new "auto pick mode" in general... perhaps even better than adding a single harvest pick command, which probably would make annoying consumers like me going on your nerves with that issue again, only referring to other not-farming situations.

I see myself(and i guess many others do also) running around in "vacuum cleaner-mode" alot, gathering stuff like stones, rocks, triggered snares with carcasses, harvested plants, not caring in detail what is wandering in my inventory. I just get rid of excess weight/unwanted items in regular intervals. Ofc it should be optional, since critical situations could render this unhandy, for example picking up a knife from a killed enemy while fighting.

Hm. hard to tell which would be more convenient, not only for players and gameplay, but also for you dev's and the general design of the code. Because we players cannot see the future plans(regarding code changes) and the new bugs, impact and obstacles such a change would create in turn.
No matter how you decide, i think both options would be appreciated by the people. Really cool you took the time for this!

*puts another mud worm on the altar of sacrifice*

General Discussion / Re: Loop Snares, better than Fences? A possible bug
« on: December 30, 2020, 11:13:49 PM »
Yeah, also had a quite polite Lynx, escaping from me into my crops, which were mostly surrounded with snares.

It really struck me as a strange behavior, when the cat was not be able to even jump over them.
I did, what a respectful, close to nature, not cheesy player would do: I skinned and slaughtered it, one cut for the Blood God ofc, the other ones spoiled since i had just killed an elk. I tried to make leather, and ofc, the hide spoiled too. But hey, modern times, you gotta adapt. With temperatures rising, there wont be any lynxes soon anyway, so i made the best out of it...

*sarkasm, weird hanibal lecter fantasies, devil-may-care attitude - off*
 ::) To get on the topic, I actually see this as a kind of buggy and not intentional.

Guides and tutorials / Re: Seal hunting tactics
« on: December 30, 2020, 10:37:27 PM »
Yeah i guess that would be a viable tactic. But i did not often succede when trying to get them from the land side. Most of the time i managed to get close for one short ranged attack, then it was gone. I have to admit that i gave up quickly on that tactic, when i realized it is that much easier from a boat...
When i think about it, it could be a good opening since you can get much closer and chances are your first hit will be better. Circumstances have to be perfect though, so it cannot escape out of the bay.

I also have some ideas regarding hunting in winter on ice. One could make a hole near the land, then get the seal to get out of that hole somehow. Then trying to keep it there until the hole freezes, and voila there is the helpless victim.
But i dont know if they actually dive under ice.
Not sure but i think i vaguely remember one sticking his head out of one of my fishing holes...

When i got them in melee, i target the head. Even if you crush the legs, it might jump into the water if it is near.
Most of the time the blow connects, sending it in a world of stars.
But in case he has much ground to cover, say 6 or 7 tiles to the water, targeting legs would indeed be my choice, since it gave me more chances to hit.

just got an idea to mod a new item: A barbed javelin, with damage like a normal jav(5 or 6), but treated like an "Ango". But i dont know if that would make it stuck and cling to the animal better, in order to slow it down. I dont have experience with that weapon and dont know if it has a higher chance to do that. I also dont know if that would be immersive, but there is no reason a character shouldnt be able to carve some barbed hooks on the tip.

Guides and tutorials / Re: Seal hunting tactics
« on: December 30, 2020, 03:03:49 PM »

Since i also did quite some seal hunting recently, i cannot keep myself of putting in my own 5 cents...

I will also try to explain some of the seal's behavior i have observed so far.

First and most important point is: You have to commit to it. Doesnt matter which hunting tactic you use, dont assume the animal is gone when it's just under water. I am almost for sure that seals dont dive away under the player WHEN the have an area to escape UNDER WATER.
However, if it gets cornered, say at the beach of a bay, it WILL dive under the player

Knowing this, you can somehow "exploit" its behavior(i dont actually se it as a cheesy exploit, because i think of it as realistic).
Doing this is not really easy, but once you understood how it works it can be done with a good success rate. Basically as in normal hunting, and by no means with 100% success. But 30-50% should be doable, and well worth the effort.

To get in a situation, where the seal has small chances, you have to:
1.: find a seal
2.: find a small bay
3.:Get on a boat and "drive" the seal into the bay(unless you found the seal in the bay already, which is certainly the best scenario).

Try not to push too hard at first. A seal has some kind of learning behavior and will become more careful towards the player after attacking attempts. If you scare it too many times, it will start to dive under water even at the edge of the screen, making it almost impossible to catch.
The seals are curious beings and somehow quite intelligent. It will sometimes swim towards you, and if you dont back up, it will escape and dive

So, basically what you have to do, once you have it cornered in a bay, is try to get as near as possible without scaring it(Move only towards it when it has its back to you) and land a Spear or bow hit on it, when it is on land. I cannot provide any data wether bow or spear/javelin is better.
Bow seems to be better, because you can land effective shots from much farther away.

Now, after your first attack, you will probably not kill it.
No matter if it got hit or not, it will most certainly dive again.
It is very important to row your boat out of the bay now! If you dont, the seal will dive away under your character and be gone.
Drive away now, until you are at the entrance of the bay, then drive in carefully. Most of the time the seal will be on the shore in the bay again, licking his wounds.
Repeat the process, and keep your distance until you brought it down.

That strategy should leave the seal little hope of escape, and after some hours you can probably get it. I never target legs, since the probability of missing is that worse. Immobilizing can be a strategy, but for seals i chose fatal wounds, to get them unconcius or even dead.
A lame seal will just as well dive and be invisible. Leg hits will surely wear it down, But many of them will damage the fur more, in my opinion.
Most of the time it took me 2-3 hits on the torso to drop it, and the fur always was decent. Also, i kill every animal thats unconcious with blunt attack of the stone axe on the head.
However, it can sometimes be useful to hit the legs when the seal has some ground to cover before it reaches the water and you can then sprint up to it for a melee attack.

Keep in mind that this is neither proven the only nor the best strategy. There is still a Sh* load left to be learned about seal hunting.
I also see sneaking up to them in cover as an effective way to get close and land a critical shot, but it has the downside of the seal escaping into open water. You can of course design your attack the way that the seal will escape more into a bay, but it could swim out if you dont get on your punt quickly and "seal" the bay off. ;) 
You have to adapt to the situation, and try got get into the seal's head.
And you have to really, really digest that frustrating failing attempts...

Good luck in hunting and in the new year to all of you!
May 2021 not be so shitty. At least that stupid noises and explosions have been forbidden in our country. Ow, now i made myself some enemies :o ::) :P

Gameplay questions / Re: Sauna game commands
« on: December 27, 2020, 12:45:49 PM »
where'd you get that trunks from?

I bet they were from the village. Using the sauna in a village usually hasnt been a problem for me.
But i always brought my own firewood.

The water of the tub can be used, though. Even also be drunken if you are thirsty, as long as you nicely put that bowl on the ground after.

Bug reports / Re: De-hair rotted within 24 hours or less
« on: December 20, 2020, 11:01:51 PM »
I've never been measuring it, but i wasted so much leather that one day i decided to only de-hair hides when i am constantly at home, like in winter for example.

*the lone old man was sick, he was coughing up blood and trembling in his speech, barely could walk at all.  ::)

As you seemingly have purged the galaxy of a deformed sick mutant(must have been Nurgle - let me guess: He was passive, but hard to kill. After touching him, your body would be marked with Chaos), the Great Emperor considered to forgive your soul.
He finally rewarded you with the highest honor a man could wish for:
By mercily freeing your soul of your polluted weak body and endowing you with a glorious death in battle in His name.
Your animus will contribute and be assimilated by his immeasurable intellect.

Sorry man, i got brainwashed by warhammer 40k when i was a kid ;D
My cryptic bullshit redundantly(as Buoidda already pointed out) tries to say that the buildings have to be taken down. But i dont see a bug since i guess it is intentional.
I think its not a big deal for dev's, because the game is just not meant to reward players, who slaughter whole villages, with immersion...
Maybe i gave you some, although obviously stupid lore. Would be funny to write a text like that into the graveyard.

It is like with many suggestions and complaints from our side: they got probably bigger stuff in mind...
Actually, thinking about it, i would consider it possible that the "taken-stain" could be some part of the spirit-karma mechanics. ???

Suggestions / Re: Seasoning thread
« on: December 19, 2020, 08:49:46 PM »
i wrote it since that is how mushrooms have been getting dried on many places all over the world.
I also layed them out on a table once, but that uses very much space. its convenient and practical to string them, since they can be stored that way and vermin cannot reach them. And there is much evidence on paleolithic science that people early began to find convenient and practical solutions.

But of course, nobody can know it fur sure. At least to me it seems authentic.
But i forgot the knife actually. It is mandatory to cut them up, otherwise they could spoil in the inside, if the pieces were too big

hmm... got no idea how to convert dried mushrooms into a seasoning...
or... perhaps add the possibility to powder them, and then you tag the mushroom powder as a herb.
In that case, dried mushrooms had the purpose of normal mushrooms(ignoring the rewatering, since that would go beyond the scope).
And the dried mushroom powder is only used as a seasoning. also authentic...

Bug reports / Re: Zoom In during spring, thin ice
« on: December 19, 2020, 12:05:24 PM »
There are situations when the "autopilot" check assumes the ice is safe, lets you walk on it without asking you...  and you break in.
Indeed it is very unlikely, but in the end its all just about RNG and probabilities.

I learned that in the end of winter, when crossing open mire terrain.(zoomed in) The frozen patches are quite hard to distinct from the snow covered ground. Most of the time the character crosses them safely, the game never asks "if you are sure", but in one of 20 cases the ice breaks and you are freezing.
The ice was middle-thick(safe to cross for the "autopilot") and i had about 70 lmbs carrying with me(average middle-term journeying freight).

This occurs on threshold situations, where the ice is thick and you are heavy, or vice versa(thin ice and light character).
It wont happen when the ice is 1m thick and you crouch naked with a 40 lmb character.

What was the load you are carrying?
How long does it take to make a hole into the ice?
These are the measurements you could take to explain the case.
You said it was thin ice. Your character is not very heavy, or is he?

I assume the engine calculated a tile to be, say, 90% safe, and decided to put you there, but it was a threshold tile and you got bad luck.

However, this never happened to me when moving on zoomed out terrain. But i heard/read about that.

There is also another possible explanation: Your character was on the water tile with a boat before, zoomed out and travelled. The next time you enter the area on the overland map and you zoom in, the game remembers your last tile location and puts you there, regardless if you are on a boat or the ice is unsafe. This is a known issue for every water traveller

Modding / Re: Modding Tutorial and Help
« on: December 19, 2020, 01:08:38 AM »
This tag is used as an ingredient to a recipe and states that the player needs to be standing on a specific type of tile and uses game defined tile names like "Shelter" or "Surface of the earth"(...)

Ah, so the engine uses the actual tile names, as i can see them ingame by f3... ...Intredasting... thanks!

This tag is used at the end of a recipe and is an item definition, as opposed to an ingredient.
It defines what sprite the product will use when set on the floor. The name of the graphic with no extension is how it's used.

yeah, kinda obvious. dumb minded, i am

Your Hands, defiled by your own cruel deeds, leave the stain of Evil and Atrocity.

Sacrifice humbly, supplicate for absolution and one day, so the great, merciful, holy Emperor will, maybe you shall be forgiven.

Burn all dwellings and temples of the heretics, the mutants, and the xenos. >:(

Logic... Violence and warfare compose the compelling logic of the Universe to follow
For the Emperor

Modding / Re: URW Modding Discord
« on: December 18, 2020, 03:54:27 PM »
oh, cool, thanks. just saw i got mentioned, didnt know the forum feature...
goin to think about it. I just get confused when using different messengers/com apps

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