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Re: Finally We have Fish cuts !! finally had  a pike again to test it again.

If you do 5 lbs of fish at once the code treats it as 5 x the time. 30x5 = 150 min or 2 1/2 hour to mostly but not completely clean and separate a pike.

So locally Im going to tweak it to a 6 minutes per lb of fish. Then 6 x 5 = 30 min you originally intended.

December 08, 2018, 03:38:33 AM
Re: Craftable punts ? And what should the limitations be ? I've been thinking of multi-steps for what Erkka posted which is close to the dugout recipe in memory. As Novrus has a birch bark one I've not been too mindful of writing the code and testing it right now. Borrowing from my block tubs the concept is:

1) Start with "log" no trunk (as a building step we dont need to code)

2) Shallow log (first cuttings)

3) Deep log (second deep cutting)

4) Steam with pitch (uses pitch glue from Boudinna else "bark" as sticky sap)

If we aim for a  max work at one time as 8 (or maybe as high as 12) hours before the character collapses this lets us have perhaps 3 x 8hr work days with 24+ delay for the pitch steaming

Options to expand would include

a) Medium depth log

b) Final trimming
If I had final trimming I would set the pitch step to have a huge weight to be effectiviely unmovable (9999 lbs)

Plus you would need to make a paddle (already in game)

December 10, 2018, 04:23:18 PM
Re: Best way to preserve berries long-term ? For my own mod I added cooking berry turnovers

.Berry Turnover. (6)  *COOKERY* /30/ \60\ |-1| 
{Stone} [ground] '+baking platform'
{Flour}     #1#   [remove] [roast]
{Berries}    #1#     [remove] [roast] [naming: last word] [name:%s turnover]
{Rock} [ground] '+crush the berries'
{Water}    #.5#  [remove]
{Seasoning} #.15#  [remove] [roast] [optional]
//From Brygun
//Sample cooking on stone video

Also I've put berries in containers and they seem to be coming through the winter okay. They were in a cellar at times. Some then taken out into a container (clay pot or clay amphora) and I havent seen a rotten entry yet. Possibly those in the container take the last day of all the stack as the container code can only hold a single item with rotten and useable being 2 types.

December 12, 2018, 02:37:57 AM
Re: Life hurts Sami is hard core on his research.

His game includes injuries and medical recovery.

Here we see him to first hand research on both.

So is building a log cabin with only one arm modeled correctly in the game? Is Erkka going to help you film the real life task comparisons?

December 17, 2018, 03:15:47 AM
Any Buoidda's Lake Ore references My current Novrus play through is using Buoidd'a mod.

Getting iron as bog ore is well documented and back in the day I recall myself posting some video links.

Lake ore though as puzzled me.

Does anyone have/seen references to getting ore lumps from lakes?

The bog ore process we know comes from iron rich high ground (mountains... and I am adding cliffs) drain into a mire. There organic (is bacteria etc) actions pull the iron out into lumps. You can find the lumps which we call bog ore. Bog ore is harvested IIRC once per generation and the next generation can check the same bog again.

Lakes as bodies of water would have had thousands of years of water flow going down but I don't know whether the iron forming by bacteria would happen.

Perhaps the lake ore are large rocks with iron that fell into the lake?

I say Nydxz decided to remove lake ore from his mod variant.

Real Finland is AFAIK rich in iron. They may have had ways of getting iron other than bog ore. Bog ore as worked well in the Unreal World as there is a travel and danger to going out there. Could they have lakes with ore to be scooped up?

As they say...

The absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.
(Though it certainly does imply)

Any references to "lake ore" would be appreciated.

December 17, 2018, 03:57:40 AM
Re: Spiky Fences and Fence Gates
The crafting could just be the usual 6 stakes + a cutting tool + typing equipment (for balancing).

Typewriters are too advanced for early iron age Finland. :P

December 17, 2018, 04:34:30 PM
Re: Any Buoidda's Lake Ore references Well I'll be dipped, Lake Ore is a thing.

Yes, the pun was intended.

Iron ores and iron works in Finland, 1809–1884

"The mining of iron ore continued to decline. By the 1870's slightly over I % of
the ore used in the production of pig iron came from Finnish mines. At most of
these all that remained of earlier endeavours were empty and derelict pits. Yet
only a quarter of the industry was dependent on imported raw material. During
the worst days of the iron ore shortage, increasing attention was paid to the
deposits of lake ores: lumps of ore which had been formed in the bottom mud of the lakes and which, in the opinion of some eager prospectors, were renewed like a felled forest. But these treasures could be found only in the remote districts of
the water-sheds in the neighbourhood of Suomenselka, in the outlying areas of
Savo, in the border regions of Carelia, and in Kainuu. The ancient iron processing
techniques of the peasants had never been completely forgotten and many
primitive bloomeries were erected in Eastern Finland as late as the 1830's and
1840's; after 1835 they enjoyed substantial tax reductions. The bar iron produced
thereby contained some phosphorus, though a lower percentage than that in the
pig iron made in the blast furnaces from the lake ores. Hence it was suitable for
forging. The bar iron found a market in St. Petersburg, and in the period after
the middle of the century a great many bloomeries were enlarged into ironworks
producing wrought iron. In the early 1850's the amount of lake and bog ores lifted exceeded that of rock ores mined; in the 1870's it totalled some 300,000
skeppund (I skeppund = 400 lbs.). By way of comparison it might be mentioned
that under the pace treaty of Hamina, Sweden guaranteed to Finland a quota of
less than 24,000 skeppund. For the first time the Finnish iron industry enjoyed
prosperity - however short-lived"

While the article is a much later period it does mean "lake ore" isn't a fanciful creation. Ir does refer to lake ore a a historical activity.

December 17, 2018, 08:45:23 PM
Re: Tasks often upset sleeping patterns, need some activities to kill time Fishing is another restful activity though in winter you need to bust a hole in the ice. refrozen holes though are easier to break as the ice hasn't thickened (neat modelling Sami)
December 18, 2018, 03:00:38 AM
New command [FLOTATION:###] I'm working on a multiple method to make punts/boats

AFAIK right now the flotation is  fixed # x the weight of the craft

I'd like if there was a [FLOTATION:###] command. This sets the amount of capacity for a water craft.

FLOTATION would be the capacity to float things beyond the craft's own weight. This would include the character's weight, things the character carries and things dropped in the craft

Consider that a log floats at half way up without bark on it

From that 1 Tree trunk floats 500 lbs for its 500 lbs of weight (weight/float ratio 1:1)
(that weight needs to include the character)

Consider that a raft of 3 trunks 1,500 lbs would have 1,500 lbs load

(or Jeb's 3 logs of 1,200lbs floats 1,200 lbs)

Consider that a simple dug out canoe with 400 pounds of wood removed could have the original 500 lbs plus that removal for 900 lbs floated by 100 lb dug out canoe (weight/float ratio  1:9)

A flare out of steaming the side could increase that even more possibly even getting to 1,200 lbs floated, roughly the same as a raft.

Leather used as tarp over wicker framing would also have a high weight/flotation

If we modders could set the flotation we can present various technologies with their own pros and cons much better.

Another factor might be boat durability but nothing I know of can damage a boat.

December 21, 2018, 02:40:45 AM
Re: Craftable punts ? And what should the limitations be ? I've drafted a massive overhaul for water craft.

Needs testing and checks before its fully ready

If you want to read more its at:

It has some ambitious efforts that aren't yet proven to work

December 21, 2018, 05:55:31 AM