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Modern test of period Viking shield

Good old Thegn

July 08, 2018, 08:11:35 PM
Rare random dead bodies

Just saw the movie Alpha today. At one point he found a dead hunter and got a few useful things. he could have also stripped the clothing too.

It occurred to me that it could be a possible, though rare, encounter to find a dead person in Unreal World. Someone dead from the cold, a sickness got them, starved to death, bleed to death, ate the wrong mushroom and so forth. Our own avatars do die at times. It could be possible to come across a dead person with a few useful things.

It would need to be rare and limited in items to avoid unbalancing the game. For some the "naked and afraid" type play it would be a major find.

August 19, 2018, 02:43:22 AM
Helpers: 1) turn felled trees into logs 2) continue paused This has probably, almost certainly, been asked of before.

It would be helpful if hired workers could be instructed to convert nearby already felled trunks into logs. The conversion to logs seems to take 3 times as long as felling a tree. This would be an addition so the helper could be set to fell trunks then asked to log convert nearby already felled trunks.

It might also help if they could continue nearby paused building works. There are too many options to just have them start on their own. The player could start and abort, or fatigue out, to have a helper finish the task.

November 25, 2018, 02:56:04 AM
Cord vs String One of the important things to survival is to make cordage. Simple crude versions are good enough to do things like hang meat for smoking or drying. For example the real life ability to split spruce twigs into cordage. Better quality is needed for things like bow strings.

Since "cordage" is used in survival circles a lot the suggestion is to use "cord" to refer to the lower quality tying material. "String", like a bow string, referring to the better quality item.

Cord can come from birch-bark, split spruce or digging up roots. String requires leather and/or sinew and/or other higher quality resources.

Game logic would need to adjusted to include that a string can be used as a cord but a cord can not be used as a string.

The base game items would need to be adjusted to cord or string in their recipes.

Modders can then provide a better balance of quick survival items without making it to easy to make the "string" of high worth items like bows.

Similarly we might want to consider something for ropes. However we can just let the primitive methods, like braiding roots or "cords", to have a build penalty. Often you just need the rope to be strong not necessarily of refined quality.

November 26, 2018, 09:18:03 PM
Re: What's Going On In Your Unreal World? I have made pot!!!!

- Novrus

My stalwart inspiration for a self assigned creative writing has finally  made a cooking pot! Along the way he had to travel from his homeland, work for seeds, make fields, build traps, stockpile materials before the ice, make a house, harvest crops, make a smithy, build tools and now he has made a pot!

Wooo! About a 6 month journey to get here.

FYI the journal is long which I hope you will enjoy. I started a  little over 2 weeks ago and it has surpassed 30,000 words.

November 30, 2018, 11:15:26 PM
Re: Craftable punts ? And what should the limitations be ? Ye old Brygun here, once again travelling the Unreal World and forums.

The base game punts we see in the vanilla game are/were/taken-to-be leather skin over wood frame.

Purchasing one was a big deal as the only other vanilla watercraft was rafts which you really can't portage with. Or if you do are greatly burdened. The punt was something you could carry in lieu of a pair of grain sacks leaving you quite well armed, dressed and with trade goods.

Trimming down the weight of treetrunks slightly could be taken to be removing excess branches or other bits but I don't see it as a huge difference from 1200 to 1500. I still can't bench press it.

There was an old mod which had a recipe for making a leather punt. I think it was Rain or Endive but Im not sure. I have been meaning to look that up.

There is no evidence of Iron Age Finland using birch bark canoes but as I am Canadian have a lot of imagery regarding canoes. There is a birch-bark canoe in my mod. Each major step takes a precious menu line which are limited in number.

IIRC the self sufficency mod had a recipe for a dugout canoe. Due to their ease of making just about wherever mankind was someone at some point made a dug out canoe.

There is evidence of the era and geography having leather skin boats and dug out canoes.

Bouidda and thus Nyxz have a "punt" that appears to be built up of boards. That to me seems to be a clinker built boat.

There is evidence of clinker built boats being used by the Anglos and Scandanavians in the 600s. I was watching a documentary on that today actually.

I don't think the punt we see is a clinker boat it is however the only vanilla graphic we have.

IIRC the game code is linked that the weight of the watercraft x N is how much it can carry. So limiting the raft to 1200 may have been needed for that. I would rather the carry load wasn't dependent on the craft weight. The leather punt has a light structure for a large displacement while a dugout canoe is very tough keeping structural weight with comparatively less load capacity.

I've been thinking rewriting or finding the old leather punt recipe too.

December 02, 2018, 01:36:05 AM
Re: Craftable punts ? And what should the limitations be ? Sorry for the many posts.

Found on the old forums the dugout canoe recipe from Endive's Self Sufficiency who in turn credited thefinn

This recipe is quite old and doesn't take advantage of new commands added to the game.

.Rough Dugout Hull. "Tree Trunk" *TIMBERCRAFT* /4h/
{Tree Trunk} [ground] [remove] [noquality]
{Axe}<Broad axe>

.Burned-out Dugout Hull. "Tree Trunk" *TIMBERCRAFT* /3h/  \12h\
{Rough Dugout Hull} [ground] [remove]
{Fire} [ground]
{Shovel} '+for moving hot coals'

.Dugout Canoe. "Punt" *TIMBERCRAFT* /5h/  |1|
{Burned-out Dugout Hull} [ground] [remove]
{Axe}<Carving axe>


December 02, 2018, 01:47:59 AM
Re: Craftable punts ? And what should the limitations be ? This is a possible recipe for the vanilla punt.

Warning: untested as of 2018-12-01

The build time is a full high as this is both a major item and condensed into a single menu item (to save precious menu space).

//Brygun's presentation of a leather punt
// I see the half the stakes used to make the U shaped ribs. The others are used to make the rim.
//The leather is sewn into a big sheet, tied around the rim and under the U ribs. Leather is trimmed. In a circular punt the seat is near where the U ribs come together. In a box punt the seat is often higher to help keep the ribs spread. I like to use Bark as sticky sealant though other mods might use their local pitch_glue or whatever they have to seal the seams against leaks.

.Leather Punt. "Punt" *CARPENTRY* /6h/  |2| [phys:arms, stance] [EFFORT:2]
{Leather} #30# [ground] [remove] '+shell'
{Tying equipment} (3) [ground] [remove]  '+attach leather'
{Wooden stake}(16) [ground] [remove] '+supporting rim'
{Board} (1) [ground] [remove] '+seat'
{Bark} #3# [ground] [remove] '+sticky sealant'
{Axe}<Carving axe>
{Knife}<Small knife>

December 02, 2018, 04:18:35 AM
Re: Craftable punts ? And what should the limitations be ? Some vid links

Black and white 1930s fishing

A coracle built using willow woven together (different then the build I suggested)

December 02, 2018, 04:32:27 AM
How badgers escape And you thought you had problems catching badgers. Trying keeping one in a pen:

December 07, 2018, 05:27:34 PM