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Mik has now begun making another sacrifice to Kalma in the form of a spear target, and has the frame finished. He then sets his net out in the frozen lake. Fresh fish will be a nice change. It's a little warmer this morning, and he's wearing a fur overcoat now and is comfortable.

Yes, the badger has been seen again but is still elusive.

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Mik's expert bow skill finally pays off... the badger falls!
A short chase across the ice and the critter becomes his next meal.


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I like the way this story is told.

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Thanks Blxz, I appreciate it. I'm trying to use a minimum of words because pictures are so much better.

Missing his mother's hot soups and stews, Mik decides he could try some simple cooking... if only he had a metal pot. There is not much snow yet to make travel difficult, so he starts off to visit the villages he knows of. But he's not sure if any of them will have a metal pot to trade.

Before leaving, he checks all his traps and then remembers to pulls up his net, which has caught a single bream, which he brings along.

The first Owl village to the south warns him about robbers nearby in the forest. In the 2nd, he trades a hunting bow for a nicer handaxe than what he owns. Weary, he sees the 3rd village from a hilltop in the distance, they will give him a place to sleep. No metal pot yet.

Next morning, heading north-west, he spots a small bear and hits it with a broadhead. It charges and he dons shield and mace (a bit late).

The bear hits him in the chest and flees, with Mik in pursuit.

The wound and fatigue are troublesome so he slows to a walk and keeps the bear in sight while he pauses for a rest when possible. The bear escapes into thick spruces and Mik must follow it's tracks warily. The tracks lead him in all directions through spruces, pines, heath. He has another opportunity with his bow, but misses.

The tracks lead all the way back to where his 2 fine broadheads lay in the snow. In this area, the tracks become too numerous and confused, and Mik gives up the chase because he just can't keep up with the bear well enough trudging through the snow. At least his best arrows are recovered.