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RIP Mik, it's been a fun ride!

Waiting for your next character now.. :)


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Oh dear.

I was only away for a short while and I've come back to hear of the death of a friend. Poor Mik, we shall mourn you and your terrible luck.


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RIP. Was an interesting story, good storytelling.

Dungeon Smash

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RIP to Mik!  really enjoyed this story, your style of storytelling is very evocative and entertaining.  Inspires me to play a little more adventurously ;)  Definitely appreciate all the hard work that went into this and looking forward to more stories!

JEB Davis

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Thanks all for your encouraging remarks  :)
Yes, there will be more stories, but right now I have a problem  :(

I started several fun characters when 3.50 beta came out "just for testing purposes".
Unfortunately I've become attached to at least a half-dozen of them, and they all became
too well established while playing Mik and were "undocumented" for storytelling. I want to,
but can't just give them up to start a new story.


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You could do something that's never been done here, I think: document an older character. Wait for something big/strange to happen, and then play it from there. Losing everything to robbers? Revenge! Getting mauled by a bear? Document the recovery and transformation into a character more respectful of the Great Man of the Forest. Etc etc.

Otherwise, we'll just wait for your next new creation :D


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I see what you mean about encountering enemies on the zoomed in map.  That's a really bad situation and it seems like skiing wasn't working properly, as I guess that's what made Mik so fatigued. 

I take it this is from an older version, I have only ever played 3.5b2 and I'm curious about what the scarecrows/target dummies that we can see near the edge of the water in reply #8 are.  Also it seems that arrows work a bit differently here.

Thanks for sharing Mik's story!

Dungeon Smash

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those target dummies were from an older mod that allowed you to take heads and limbs from dead Njerpez, and build them into a gruesome scarecrow to honor Kalma, goddess of bloodshed.  You could then attack the dummies to train your weapon skills, and the game would treat it like "real" combat for the purposes of skill increases.  Unfortunately I can't remember the name of the mod, i'm sure JEB Davis can point you in the right direction.

JEB Davis

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No, the skiing was working properly, it was my carelessness that was at fault. I didn't stop for Mik to rest often enough. Mik began in version 3.40 and was migrated to 3.50b2 so most of his equipment was created in 3.40. I like the new ski fatigue changes for 3.50 too.

The Kalma mod is one of Privateer's, and I love it. Kudos to Privateer!

I use a ton of different mods and spent a bit of time fitting them all together in my personal "master mod" as I call it, with many of the mods tweaked how I like them. But I can't take credit for most of it so I'm hesitant to post anything.

P.S.  Don't forget to browse that old tapatalk forum because there's a HUGE wealth of info there, as well as many cool stories... Privateer did a great series of them about "Winter" which were an inspiration to me. There are many other cool stories by many writers there that are worth reading.
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