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I've never seen one (apart from the escaped slave ones) with a fair bit of playing in and around Owl tribe territory. My current character is close to and in Reemi territory, and so far I haven't seen one, but haven't traveled that much either.

I'll make a post if I encounter one, though.

Anyway, Njerp villages provide an eventually lethal challenge, in my experience.


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I have a question about the new 3.50 beta. Last time I played was a good score of years ago, and I am a bit confused about the new rituals system. How do you learn new rituals? The changelog says that you learn them through quests, but after a half year of life and many visited villages my character never got any quest from a sage. Are there some conditions that need to be met? I received quests from other npcs, but no luck with sages.

Also, am I doing something wrong or in this version is much harder to please the spirits of the forest? It seems that if you don't perferom a lot of sacrifices they start to hate your guts incredibly quickly.


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Ritual skills are indeed learned through quests, but the quest givers need not be sages. Many quests have a random type of reward, where a new ritual is one possibility, but the rate at which you get new rituals is rather slow, so not getting any for half a year doesn't sound off (I think my character has gotten 3, including a "fixed" one when the character has been deemed ready, in a bit over 1 year).

The current system of pleasing the spirits seem to be in the need of balancing, as you can't sacrifice fast enough (due to the rate limitation) to keep them from hating you unless you essentially cease to catch small game. I'm not sure about fishing (haven't done enough to get any data), but it seems all general sacrifices go into a single pool shared between at least catching game, fish, and a summoning that requires a sacrifice. I'm not sure if cutting down trees count as well, but suspect it does, but eventually you're probably finished with your building projects.

JEB Davis

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Quests happen when talking with any villager, you won't get them only from a sage. Just do the regular greeting conversation and at random intervals someone will mention something that will lead you to a quest or to another villager that needs help/has a quest.

They should happen much more frequently than 1 or 2 per year, but not every time you visit a village.

The news.txt in your game folder will give more info from Sami about quests and the new rituals.


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Thank you for your answers, I will just carry on, visiting villages and talking to npcs hoping for quests. So far I've gotten three: one about gathering branches, and two about finding a particular herb. I hope I find more because I really like how the new rituals work.

As for the spirits yes, it probably needs a bit of tuning. I've been doing a bit of everything, fishing, trapping, big and small game hunting and the spirits really dislike me even when I'm trying to actually please them as much as possible.


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Quests ought to appear a fair bit more often than a few times a year, as JEB Davis said, but ritual resulting ones are rarer.
Note, however, that quests are not generated as a result of your visiting villages, but rather happen on their own, allowing you to encountering them when visiting villages. This means that your closest village might not have a quest, but the next one over might.
Also there are "private" quests that are offered to you only if you talk to the quest giver: the other villagers don't know about the quest, so they can't direct you to the quest giver.

I tend to try to visit the closest village around once every 3-4 weeks, and if I don't find a visit on the first visit I'll return home, and then make sure to try to talk to everyone the next time. If I don't get a quest then either I try to check the other nearby villages. However, with previous characters I've instead had one or more "visiting circles" where I visit a sequence of villages on every outing (my last character went to 3 villages in one direction and 1 in another, alternating between the circuits. It depends on what's reasonable/convenient with respect to where your character has settled. I prefer to have circuits that can be completed in one day.


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Are the penalties act as Skill *(1-Penalty), or (Skill - Penalty) ?


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Are the penalties act as Skill *(1-Penalty), or (Skill - Penalty) ?
I'm not quite sure what you're asking, but if you're injured and attempt a task affected (probably anything heavier than light), you reduce the skill with the penalty, so a skill of 50 effectively becomes one of 40 if you've got a penalty of 10 through encumbrance, exhaustion, and injuries. I think that corresponds to your second alternative.


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Has anyone found masterwork versions of: northern knife, northern spear, kaumo knife or kaumo spear?  I have been exploring many northern villages and I haven't found a single one of these in my world.

I have found masterwork northern bows and rarely fine versions of the above.  I found masterwork versions of most other tools and weapons in the driik villages.

One other thing I was never able to find was the Skramasaksi and I think I visited every sartola village on my journey north.


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Found skramasaksi recently (with two different characters), although kaumo knife, northern or even hunting knife are better IMHO.

It's rare but can be found on the ground as well as on certain NPCs, sometimes they sell it.


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It may have been asked before, but can we harvest crops from village fields? I mean, the map tiles that usually suroounds the village map tile, like pastures and fields and stuff. Also roads. I find alot of useful herbs on roads but I'm wary if I'm going to anger the villagers or something by picking things on their territory.


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You can steal from their fields and pastures (yes, taking a sample from there is also considered theft) and if they don't see you they don't know about it (although they might be suspicious if you try to sell their stolen goods to them).

If they see you they'll tell you off and get a bit angry (your reputations with the village is lowered a bit). They also don't like you setting traps on their property, by the way.


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A few times I crafted armor using worn out bear fur armor. Sometimes the end result was bear fur armor and other times generic fur. Anyone know what causes it to be different?


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It seems like the first material that you select for your crafting governs the finished product.  I have not tried crafting new clothes from old ones, but I do use various and sundry bits of fur to repair my bear fur clothes, to no apparent ill effect.

I have tried crafting clothes from a fine bear fur, but I didn't get fine clothes sadly.

I wonder if winter furs make better clothes than normal.


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- I believe clothing is capped at the "decent" quality level, so you can't make anything at a level higher than that. I don't know how repairs may affect that, however. This prompts me to try to repair my bear fur clothing with fine bear fur to see what happens (although I expect nothing will be visible for a rather long time, even if there IS an effect, so don't expect a report back in any reasonable time).

- I suspect repairing with sufficient amounts of other kinds of fur might turn the type into the generic one, or it might simply be repairing sufficiently regardless of fur. Note that these are just guesses, though.

- I suspect winter fur differs only in the value of the fur (in which case it's a waste to use it for clothing), but again, I have no actual info on it.