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Tom H

« on: August 29, 2020, 04:16:27 AM »
A Companion that finished his service to me has been hanging around my settlement area for many weeks now. That's not a concern, although pathing may be a problem for him.

The problem is, his only weapon now is the broad knife I gave him. He had other weapons and a handaxe but now he's carrying only the broad knife and stones and rocks. He's killing birds and killed one deer, at least he finished off the wounded deer he'd chased for a couple of days when it ran into my deadfall trap!

So, has he thrown away his weapons during hunting? I just gave him a bow and a bunch of arrows. If he keeps hanging around I guess I'll be finding arrows soon.


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Did you mean to post this in Suggestions? :D

Tom H

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Did you mean to post this in Suggestions? :D

Yes, because it doesn't seem to be a bug. Just a design flaw. I'm guessing that he's throwing his weapons and failing to retrieve them. Over time, he's thrown away, or lost, everything but those weapons I've given him. I suppose I could have titled it better...heh.