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Re: How many fishing nets does it take to survive? I feel like 2 nets would give you a comfortable amount of fish to live on. You'll want to drop them in deeper waters (darker tiles) which might require you to build a raft, and check them every 25 hours or more (don't wait more than two days).
July 16, 2020, 11:21:45 PM
Re: How to install mods Most of the mods have a ReadMe file that comes with. It's honestly pretty easy, just a matter of dropping the files in the game's install folder, you may have to overwrite some vanilla files in the process.
Remember to back up any files that would be overwritten if you want to remove the mod, though verifying files with Steam would also restore any overwritten files back to vanilla.

July 23, 2020, 11:02:10 PM
Re: Any mods out there that allow you to modify your starting stats? Sorry y'all, you got got by another bot
August 02, 2020, 06:41:38 AM
Re: Which game update you are looking forward to? I'd love for more quests with better variety to them, the different shades of "find a needle in a haystack" aren't really doing it for me and tend to leave me wanting for more.

Better modding support would also be great. I don't think you can really fully rely on the modding community to make the game for you, but with better tools to control recipes, buildings, and menu arborescence, in both creating new stuff and being able to modify existing features, I know modders would have a field day.

August 07, 2020, 04:15:02 PM
Re: Can't find a mace for sale? Maces haven't been uncommon in Villages in my playthroughs, but for some reason they don't spawn inside the buildings, they actually spawn outside on the ground, on top of a stone. I've seen them in Kaumo, Reemi, Kiesse and Driik, so I don't think they're specific to one type of culture.

Just keep an eye out when you walk around a village; if you see what looks like a club on the ground, it's always often a mace. It can spawn a fine or masterwork mace as usual, but maces just have that specific spawn quirk. I think the justification as to why they spawn outside is that the mace & stone are supposed to emulate the club & flat surface that the player needs to tan hides.

August 15, 2020, 07:01:42 PM
Re: The quest about finding a lost sheep makes me really mad Tracking on the travel map is really notoriously unreliable. Even at 100 skill, you can actually fail to pick up tracks that you've seen on the zoomed-in map not 10 seconds ago. I tend to savescum these quests and create a restore point to give myself some insurance and plenty of time to search. Even then it's super tedious, but I found that zooming on each tile and then climbing the nearest tall tree gives you a solid chance of noticing tracks and/or the animal itself while being relatively quick to execute (climbing is also super easy to grind to a high level). All that's left is to be patient.
August 17, 2020, 07:06:30 PM
Re: [3.63] Trading for "almost all your reward" can take whole reward. 6 squirrel hides * 8 value = 48

2 small knives * 24 value = 48

Checks out!

I've also noticed the same thing in my game, so it's not a localized issue. Reproducing the issue would probably be trivial.

August 18, 2020, 01:13:06 PM
Re: [3.63] Incorrect 3D sound positioning Ahhh, thanks, that makes a lot of sense! It's good to know that it's not a bug, even if I don't personally think it's a very wise design choice, since the game has the screen fixed in place and that's the referential people would likely naturally go with.
August 21, 2020, 10:34:27 PM
Gaining the high ground; Elevated hunting blinds/tree stands Elevation is crucial in UrW, both when hunting for game and exploring for encounters on the map. Finding game in a coniferous forest without a vantage point is a losing proposition most of the time.

Hence why I suggest; tree stands or raised hunting blinds! Wooden towers with a little optional windowed shed perched atop from where a character might be able to have a good view of the surroundings - and possibly shoot game within range. I figure they might have two different useful modes to them giving them increased versatility;

- A local zoomed-in mode, where you could physically climb up into the hunting blind and get a good overview of the local terrain just like when climbing a tree (and possibly not alert nearby game to your presence quite as much as on the ground) while still being able to take potshots at game coming close (bait coming in handy here).

- A wilderness map mode, giving that one map tile better vision over the surroundings by raising the effective elevation by 1 level (for example; a hunting blind built on a Coniferous Forest tile would raise it to the effective elevation of Heathland, giving sight over surrounding Coniferous Forest tiles and lower, but not over Heathland and up).

The cost is left to be determined, but trading wood, time and effort for one of these could be an attractive option for lots of players; hunters active and passive, merchants, explorers, Njerp headhunters ...

Hunting blind in a field in Baden Wuerttemberg, Germany

A small hunting tower made from logs in Salo, Finland

A deer stand in Bavaria, Germany

August 25, 2020, 05:56:04 AM
Re: "The Challenge"
I borrowed a fine axe in the village to make a wooden bowl so I can carry some water around with me

Wait, that's a thing you can do? I've always had villagers get angry with me if I'm holding something of theirs for too long, even if I haven't moved out of the village tile.

If you leave the axe on the ground and craft your wooden bowl on a nearby tile, they won't get angry and you still get to use the tool! ;)

August 26, 2020, 02:05:06 PM