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I put this game down for a while and when I came back, it had several updates. I downloaded the newest free version (3.61) and have gotten a pretty good start.

However, my problem lies here: I have played mostly with Lasse's Updated Self Sufficiency mod. I really want to run that mod, as cordage is a pain in the butt to find, and I'd like to craft a fishing rod. Plus, smithing is an amazing way to stay warm and get things done during winter.

Now that bark-crafts have been added and cordage has been overhauled, can I run the mod without breaking my game? Will the primitive cordage still work for fences or drying, for instance?

If not, are there any mods that allow me to smith, craft fishing gear and generate cordage? That's all I'd really want, and I'm too unskilled to create the mod myself.

Thanks in advance to anyone who replies.
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JEB Davis

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Welcome back!

The latest update is 3.62 and the changes probably broke things in Lasse's mod.

You could try BAC because it has all that stuff and is up to date with 3.62