Topic: Companion - does their help worth the food?  (Read 1180 times)


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Does the help from a companion worth the food he eats?
Do you use them for home tasks or only for raids?

For example if you failing trees companion reduces only 10-15% of the work.
It means only 1 additional tree in 8-10.

But you will need more kills - so it will be harder to please the spirits.
Also less food for trading.
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I find their company alone is worth a few cuts :D
To help is it's own reward.
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If you get multiple kills, or have lots of productive traps, then a companion help carry food, although a big bull is more suited to this.


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If I could I would keep more companions all the time around me just to not feel lonely :)) Even if they would do nothing that helps me.

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If you want to get your money's worth, hunt down a Njerp and let your Companion take the lead. Either he'll win and you get the spoils, or he'll lose and you'll have to clean up and STILL you get the spoils, including whatever the Companion possessed. The loot will usually be worth much more than the cost of hiring and paying off the Companion.

For work around the settlement, I've found them very useful. When they fell trees, I haul them where needed. When I have enough, I have him make logs from trunks and make boards when I need them. They do a good job skinning and butchering, helping me move heavy loads, and any tasks I set for myself, like tanning, making logs, etc. While he works, I can perform other tasks, go fishing, craft, etc.

As for their worth, the FOOD is just the initial cost. I guess it varies depending on the length of hire. Thus far, I've only hired Companions for the longest periods so, when it nears ending, they expect some nice payment of gear or furs.

I've never had cause to regret their hire.

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I generally don't have companions assist me with felling trees. I have them fell the the trees while I either dress them into logs or move them into place next to the build site. Also as an active Hunter or successful trapper of large game I feel that once I dry or smoke I'm first elk or a couple of deer food is not generally an issue. I have more trouble getting hides proceed and and meat to market without it spoiling. So in my opinion meat is a cheep resource and companions are worth it.


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I'm bad at delegating, so no companions for me, other than to fill the last tutorial requirement.

I have yet to raid a Njerp village or to be killed by a stray Njerp but when that day comes, I suppose I might change my tune.