Topic: Skin disappearing after skinning is interrupted by fatigue near the end  (Read 149 times)


« on: January 15, 2020, 12:04:00 AM »
  I read another similar report by Plotinus but I believe this bug is different because there was no message in the log about the skin being taken, only the usual starting message when you start the skinning process and the interruption message caused by full fatigue.
  At first, I didn't notice the absence of the skin in the inventory because I thought the carcass hadn't been completely skinned, later, returning with a trunk for a fire and trying to resume skinning I was warned that it was already skinned but the skin was nowhere to be seen.
  I'll send the save after posting this to help clarify the situation. 


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This happened to me too since the fix and I forgot to report it or make a save

Bert Preast

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I got this one too, fell asleep while just finishing skinning an elk.  When I woke up, the elk was skinned but the skin was nowhere to be seen.  Here is the message log:

  • {029804FC}      | Hidework option: Skin an animal

(147870):8agi:[?]{029804FC}      | (1) You need knife - preferably a broad knife.
  • {029804FC}      | The broad knife nearby will be used.

  • {029804FC}      | Ok, you have all the necessary equipment!

(000000):8agj:[T]{029804FC}      | TINKERBELL barks in hunger.
(663333):8agl:[&]{029804FC}      | You are too tired to continue! You need to sleep.
(575757):8agl:[_]{029804FC}      | Task paused, to be continued at will.
(3C5A98):8agl:[:]{029804FC}      | You lay down and fall asleep.
  • {029804FC}      | Zzzz... [HOLD ON]

(A80000):9ag1:[!]{029804FC}      | You wake up to the rain.
(663333):9ag1:[&]{029804FC}      | You get back on your feet.
(000000):9ag1:[T]{029804FC}      | TINKERBELL barks in hunger.
(A80000):9ag1:[!]{029804FC}      | The carcass is already skinned!
  • {029804FC}      | Use this command also to unpack your pack animal or pick items from your companion.

(A80000):9ag1:[!]{029804FC}      | Nggggh! Bull elk carcass (skinned) is too heavy for you to lift.

A few weeks in-game have passed since, so I doubt my save game will be much use.   


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This has happened to me several times, as well. I can try and force it and upload a save game this week sometime.


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« Reply #4 on: January 27, 2020, 08:35:04 PM »
Yes, this seems to be a true and common issue. I've already got the save from Miriel, and that's been enough to track it down, so no further saves needed.

It seems to be related to map loading when there's partially skinned carcass around. So the actual interruption doesn't make the carcass skinned, but if you eg. fall asleep the map is re-loaded and then the carcass appears skinned.

This must be a result of skinning additions for NPCs. Something's gone wonky in the process with carcass checks upon map load. But I feel I'm pretty close to nailing this soon enough.
- Sami | UnReal World creator