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Re: "The Challenge"     Hi everyone, I've been trying The Challenge for a few days and I liked it very much. I was very lucky in my random character, only a little less than what I usually play with, she could walk at 6 km/h which is very good for me since I like to run big game to exhaustion also, the initial wounds weren't serious and I could make tools right away, even better, I started by a river so cleaning wounds and running big game against the not yet frozen river provided me with clothes fairly soon.
    What I really liked was that since I couldn't zoom out except in hills and such I had to memorize my surroundings and the location of my traps and shelters which is a very realistic challenge, and that I noticed I could play a whole life without meeting anyone and I would be fine, I wouldn't have clothes or tools above rough and crude quality but I could make a living (a very important realization since I couldn't find a single village in 120 days), also I used traps in large scale for the first time and it was exciting to find animals trapped in them and wonder if I could make them more efficient.
    In the end that was my undoing, a lynx was roaming around my traps to take the birds in it so I baited a big deadfall trap I made for a previous lynx doing the same and the next day it was caught I moved in to kill it with blunt blows and it clawed me into unconsciousness and death  :(, next time I'm going to stone them to death.   

April 07, 2018, 10:24:25 PM
Re: [not a bug] Animal in the forest cover quest I tried making some sacrifices before setting alight the spruce branches and I think this made a difference because the animal followed me to its village, so it wasn't a bug  ;D
July 22, 2018, 10:52:04 PM
Precautions against accidental fire setting   In my previous character I have accidentally set fire to my masterwork northern bow using my fine arrows as kindling :'( to prevent a similar situation I'd like to make a couple of suggestions: not being able to use arrows as kindling or to add a check similar to the one that prevents butchering before skinning, and to remove the possibility of setting fires out of sight.
July 06, 2019, 12:15:59 AM
Njerpez in trouble     I was hunting a Njerpez by moving carefully while hiding when I heard a cry for help: "I need a skinning tool!", after a few more steps I saw him circling a bird carcass and that indeed, he had no knife in his inventory. I wonder if I'd managed to talk with him without triggering an attack I might have traded him a knife like in that post I saw around the forum ???. He probably would have used it to poke me in the eye anyway :P.

October 23, 2019, 05:26:11 PM
[Fixed - persists in 3.61] Skin disappearing after skinning is interrupted   I read another similar report by Plotinus but I believe this bug is different because there was no message in the log about the skin being taken, only the usual starting message when you start the skinning process and the interruption message caused by full fatigue.
  At first, I didn't notice the absence of the skin in the inventory because I thought the carcass hadn't been completely skinned, later, returning with a trunk for a fire and trying to resume skinning I was warned that it was already skinned but the skin was nowhere to be seen.
  I'll send the save after posting this to help clarify the situation. 

January 15, 2020, 12:04:00 AM
Wrong weight for the loop snares  Hi everyone, I think the weight for the loop snares has been wrong since the tying equipment overhaul. A 15 ft cord weights 0,5 lbs but the loop snare which is made using 3 ft of the cord, weights the same as before instead of 0,1 lbs, a fifth of the total.
August 09, 2020, 03:20:56 AM
Re: The quest about finding a lost sheep makes me really mad   I have a very good track record with this quest so I'll share my tatic with everyone willing.
Spoiler: show
In my experience the animal tracks are in the central part of the circular search radius, in the zoomed out map I approximate the center and zoom in and start searching in an expanding spiral. I usually find the animal or the predator that's spawned with the animal in half an hour, if I find the predator's tracks I follow them backwards since they usually intersect with the missing animal's ones.

August 17, 2020, 11:45:12 PM
Re: Travelling adventurer: A new discovery?   I used to avoid humans also but since this last update I haven't found robbers with the exception of the quest ones or Njerpez outside of their camps, so I started to meet humans again ;) and I found a travelling Kaumolais hunter just like skyleaf. He was in Kuikka-tribe lands and was misnamed in the log.
October 07, 2020, 06:49:19 PM