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Tom H

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Is there a way to determine how long a character has been in the game?


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Yes, at least roughly. The log ('L') time stamps entries.

Tom H

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I just realized that you can review the quests you've undertaken and each tells you how many days past it was completed. Not perfect but a good approximation of one's starting point.


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You can look at the first and last line of msglog.txt, for example my character Nousia:

Code: [Select]
first line:
(143270):1bg8:[#]{06DF0653}      | Zooming in ...
last line:
(008000):pcgb:[=]{06EA06A9}      | Your character has been saved.

"1bg8" and "pcgb" is the key here, the format is day-month-year-hour, and the numbers start using letters after 9, so I started the game on the 1st day of the bth month (11th = November = Dead month) of the gth year (16th - the character is 16 years old) at 8am, and now it is the pth day (9+16 = 25th day of the cth month (12th = December) of the same year, and it is b o'clock (11am).

My character Pekka started on the first of April (swidden) year 16
Code: [Select]
(143270):14g8:[#]{06700281}      | Zooming in ...
And now it is the 17th of November (dead) of the same year
Code: [Select]
(008000):hbga:[=]{06080060}      | Your character has been saved.


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Is there a way to determine how long a character has been in the game?

Not on the PC at the moment to check before I post but I think:
1. All characters enter the game world at the age of 18.
2. I also think death screen shows at what age your character died.
Based on that you can simply back up your CHARACTERNAME directory a.k.a. Save game) then kill yourself by pressing Q and choosing not save the game anymore. That way game should show you how long you survived.

Then simply copy and paste (or move) the directory back in.


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@ineedcords: You start at an age of 16, as shown by Plotinus' post above yours.