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As many know Im working on an elaborate watercraft overhaul.

I am wondering what factors affect a watercraft's speed?

For example does a "fine punt" go faster?

Tom H

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One would expect an ungainly, or inferior, craft to require more effort to control it in the water. On rivers and rapids, the direction of currents would amplify the difficulty when going against the stream. The load-carrying ability of a poorly made craft should be lessened. 

Actual factors affecting the speed of a craft would seem to be buoyancy and resistance.


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I doubt there is any difference because you row just the same regardless of weight.


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Oh... i was meaning in terms of within the game's code.

Like does a fine punt go faster in the same conditions as a rough punt?

Does how heavy the boat is loaded in proportion to its flotation capacity affect speed?
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I tested with and without weight, and I think I tested an inferior vs. decent punt as well, and nothing changed. Your walking speed is used when rowing, it seems. As you get tired it'll drop. That seems about it


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Thanks for testing

Ara D.

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As you work on your mod Brygun, I personally would like to see fine vrs rough punt effect speed and endurance cost. As a more streamlined punt would go faster and require less effort to paddle do to the decreased friction of the water against the hull. On a side note in real life paddle caft the basic trade offs are longer boats tend to be more efficient, go straighter and have increased load capacity, but takes more time to turn. Increasing the width slows a boat down but adds greatly to stability and carring capacity. Where as the opposite could be said about narrowing the width. Also a consideration on large bodies of water a boat with high sides can be very difficult to use in windy conditions as the side will act as a sail


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As you work on your mod Brygun, I personally would like to see fine vrs rough punt effect speed and endurance cost. [cut]

I think those kinds of things cannot be modified by user mods - speed, endurance, etc. are hardcoded. From what I've read about the developing process, modding has been a bit of an afterthought, so it's not very flexible.


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It would be great if we could affect speed

Right now I can't balance the flotation properly. The game currently uses # x weight of craft to get its load.

A canoe or leather punt are relatively light for their size compared to a log based punt. That is they displace more water with less weight of the boat's own material. In the current system being lighter also means they lose out on capacity.

Also missing is durability. The log based punt would be tougher vs accidents or battle damage then the lighter punts.

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Right now, rapids and currents also have no effect... In reality, paddling a canoe made from 3 tree trunks and 1.5 pounds of cordage into a rapid would probably be extremely dangerous.