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I would like to suggest the addition of the following:

Valuables made from Gold
Coins made from metals (Copper, Silver, Gold)
Other items (Precious gemstones, religious relics, ornamented weapons and armor, etc.)


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Then add them :D
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Why would you want to get small useless pieces of metal in exchange for your goods? UrW has a barter economy, as coin usage hadn't spread that far north at the time.

Religious relics doesn't make sense, because the locals wouldn't make them, and foreign relics would be for a weirdo family of one god being 3 or some such nonsense.

I don't think there's much room for ornamented weapons and armor, given the poverty of the region. so the only gear found would probably have been taken from a leader of a trader company, if any are found at all.

Glass beads, I believe, have been found in graves from about that time in the general area.


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Bear in mind that heavily ornamented weapon often are WORSE not better for it.

You might have a really awesome sword and put some decorative gold on it. It had to be awesome to begin with.

RPGs where gold swords, gold armor or gold picks are so uneducated on gold. Its a soft bendy metal. Its dense so heavy. Until we controlled electricity gold's biggest asset was it looks pretty and doesn't stop looking pretty.

However, you can use gold to make something more valuable if they wanted something pretty. Most of Unreal World village populations are far more likely to be into how well the axe chops wood or Nerj.

One of the big economic items already in the game is winter furs. Furs taken from animals in winter. That has been suggested as reason the Nerjpez come to this part of the world. The traders certainly come looking for them.

Maybe instead of gold if you could make exotic fur garments.


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I see a whole flourishing imagination of lots of people I being one of them wish for others to take on the project of building a highly polished game by adding such things as this. I see something where we have foreign traders who come into regions in certain times of the year for trading, and they will have even more valuable items and only the best of the best. I want to see something where we have better valuables, like jeweled rings, where we have necklaces of gold, silver and they can also have jewels with ordinary things like rocks, or crystals, or stones or gems, it can also be carved ( when rock or stone) into different symbols or animal/human/religious deity. There can also be armors with gold or silver on it, and it can also be more ornate with a silk or satin cape piece with it, there can also be leather attached to it, this will be the best armor and it will attract a good reputation for trading, for asking for help and for commanding those around you. You will also intimidate enemies so they may not become aggressive and will cower away from attack much easier than usual. I also want to see ornamented weapons do likewise, like having gold on a handle or silver, and maybe having it plated on the blade over iron or steel underneath. This will be with any weapon you wish, it could be an extension of iron ore/blacksmithing and trading for completed ones if you do not have the skills to do blacksmithing. I also want to see a way to rule over your own village, you will come to power by either overthrowing a leader who is in power or by marrying into a leader's family or by starting your own and getting vagabonds and settlers to stay. This can open up ideas for expansion into owning many villages and having a kingdom of a sort. There can also be stone buildings and bridges that create areas that are unpassable by invaders. There's a lot there but I think it should all happen. One more thing, there should be birds that can be tamed to be hunting companions and a watching eye that can show areas farther than your character can see, falconry and normal birds for sending messages as well.

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With regards to ornamented weapons, etc:

while i agree that encrusted jewels and gold filligree might be a bit much, I don't think it's far-fetched that an experienced woodcarver might carve interesting designs into the handle of his ax, and thereby increase the value.  Or that a masterwork battlesword might feature engraved patterns on the blade, enhancing its status as a borderline-magical prestige weapon fit for a chieftain. 

At one point, wasn't it possible to use the old woodcarving skill (now carpentry) to carve designs on bowls and such?  or was that a mod?  anyway, i liked that system.  Dwarf Fortress uses a system whereby most items can be improved in terms of value by adding decorations and such - for example, a cape made of spider silk is more valuable than one made of baboon skin, but even more valuable is a spider silk cape colored with rich dyes by a master clothier, and even more valuable still is one inlaid with precious stones.  I think something like this (albeit much simpler and more grounded) could potentially work well in Unreal World, but it would have to be carefully balanced to avoid exploitation.

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The Roleplayer has a suggestion in this area
Perhaps instead of adding MORE valuables, we should focus on adding ways of using them. It's a given that Maidens like shiny metal trinkets, so they are probably going to be used when marriage is brought back into the game. But just that is boring, perhaps jewelry can be worn to make yourself seem more impressive, or for some other reason.

Also on the topic of fancy pants weapons, Making a waraxe or sword with some fancy patterns in it wasn't entirely uncommon, but there was little reason for it. However such weaponry is usually made by master smiths who possess the skill to do that. Thus the weapon is probably good anyway. However there is little demand for such things in the setting of UrW, Perhaps high ranking Kaumo warriors would have fancier spears and Knives, but thats about it.
@Brygun Also while you are right, the nitpicker in me forces me to point out that most games cheat by making strong AND beautiful materials, or Just go overboard with the magic excuse, One example I remember was in an anime where Gae Bolg appeared to be inlayed with GOLD and had a highly elegant design, when according to legend it was a great ugly spear covered in barbed wire, and the primary tactic of it's users broke the bro code.


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I like the rolerplayer aproach to this. Having more uses for current valuables is a great idea.
And PALU, I don't think valuables are useless pieces of metal. I would rather carry a silver bracelet to trade for that sword or chainmail, than 10 furs or so. You still have the buying power but for a fraction of the weight.


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@Mati256: My comment was intended to refer to coins, but I wasn't exactly clear on that in my wording.
Coins are useless (without intrinsic use, but not without value). If I was a barter economy character I'd most likely would want a bracelet than a few flat pieces of metal with some strange engravings.
My UrW characters certainly hoard jewelry...


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Ah! Yes. I completely agree with you on that point. I thought you were talking about valuables and completely forgot that OP had mentioned coins.