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first of all, URWS is in my Top5!

But I have some issues according to social organization:

The simulation in the wilderness is mainly convincing - the AI
(behavior of the humans) is not.

The most weird situation was this:

I built some traps to catch grey seals.
One day a foreign trader lied in the hole with broken legs.
I tried to heal him and get him out of the hole (there should be an
option to heal others). As I tried it with conversation, he just
had the standard topics (instead of pleading for help).
Then I decided to end his pain (and take his stuff).
Hours later his Friends arrived...
As it seems, they telepathically sensed that I killed their Comrade
(whom they left in a trap before).
Well, they seem to ran a few miles since the whole group was exausted
and with that, easy to kill. This gave me a lot of loot but a bad feeling according to the AI.

And when it comes to towns:

For example, if a smith forges a weapon in hard work, why should he
allow that others get the trade wares from it?
Shouldn´t he store his stuff in his house, sell it at daytime and
lock (bar) his door during night? That would make it difficult for
the player to steal something. Instead the townspeople seem to (again
telepathically) know what you are doing, even if you sneak into town
at night to "borrow" something (to prevent exploiting I assume).
Since URW is a simulation, this should be fixed.

And why they have all this stuff without working? They seem to
aimlessy walk around the whole day. fishermen should fish, farmers
should farm...

Again, URW is one of my favourite games, but I think there has lot to
be done yet.


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"(...)Shouldn´t he store his stuff in his house, sell it at daytime and
lock (bar)(...)"

Regarding this point i think the way it is in-game it's fair enough. People from the same town and culture wouldn't have troubles that way. I am not an expert in how the things were 2,500 years ago. What i believe, though, it's that this kind of mentality wasn't theirs. Even nowadays you can find relatively larger towns in where no one locks anything, and trust me, if your are not a local, you can be even smelled from miles away.

Regarding the rest of the post and your whole aim, I agree that villagers, traders, wanderers and njerpz's AI is an aspect to keep developing.


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Yes, i agree, updating the AI simulation would be amazing and would really add alot to the game play fun. But.... doing an overhaul of the AI system like this would be a CONSIDERABLE amount of work. I think these updates will make it into the game eventually, but you have to understand that Sami is primarily the only developer and he does this with donations. If you really really really want this to happen i would suggest you throw Sami some squirrel hides....I am not suggesting that you can pay Sami to add in whatever updates to the game you like, or code for pay. What i am suggesting is that a happy and well fed game developer is more likely to... well... develop (updates, changes, and expansions).

In general, i agree completely. I want these things too, and i think they will happen, but patience is a virtue.
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The roleplayer most definately agrees.

But the second post is about something that once did exist in the game, npc shops.

They were removed from the game some time ago, and it sort of makes sense that trading is communal now, especially considering the size of the villages. And also villagers do actually have their own possessions that only they can trade away, it's in their inventory.


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@ Bakkat

I didn´t find out very much about how they were organized back then either. But, just for interest (offtopic):

Did you know that in the "Merovingian period" (575 AD - 800 AD) they...

... began to produce fine crafts like weapons and jewelry but  imported the best weapons from western Europe? Maybe the term "Foreign trader" could be changed into "Viking trader" then.

... had contact with christians?

... had a trade connection to Constantinople, bringing Arabic and Byzantine artifacts into their land?

... built hillforts (practically primitive castles)?

Don´t roast me if I´m wrong with something. I just wrote what I read - maybe someone could open a new thread regarding historical issues.

@ wolfman00

AI coding is mind-boggling. I wrote some simple arcade games, but when it came to simulations, it got VERY complicated. At least the mind-reading should be removed. Some guards standing at a storage by night is considerable.

Instead of squirrel hides, maybe some smoked human elk cuts will do it - my cellar is full of this stuff.

@ Theroleplayer
Do the villagers drop the communal stuff in a storeroom after trading?

The following information isn´t really important to me when it comes to the game, but I read that a community needs at least 300 people to grow (without incest).

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No they do not as far as I have seen, it is very strange. Also I believe most of the non-northern villages are supposed to be farms. I'm not sure what the northern tribes' excuse is though.


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Indeed, surely history it's trickier than we (or I) think. Do not take me wrong fellow, differences are welcome. And different points of view are always welcome.

I got thinking some months ago... And the most important in here is that from this community (i am really new in here) there's always space for every suggestion and idea. Now... the real thing is that the creator/s and developer/s has the final call regarding their aim to their creation. They might want to focus on realism, they search, they check facts, learn skills in order to bring us more realistic stuff. They took off "Dwarfs and Elfs" long ago, and so far, i really think that they feed with all kind of recommendations and suggestions.

As long as we stay respectful to each other every point of view is welcome. regards.