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Textilecraft continued Fibre processing is on the table.
We'll be featuring a new skill, TEXTILECRAFT, which determines the success and time required for several work phases of processing fibres into yarn.
For migrated characters textilecraft will be initiated to the cultural defaults upon first load. 
All the textilecraft options - retting, drying, spinning etc. - will be found in the general [M]ake menu, and can be also accessed simply by using the skill.

Spinning fibres into yarn is now pretty much competely done, the productions times and yarn yield carefully considered.
Textilecraft mastery, and using a spindle or not, naturally affects to outcome and spinning times.
The actual mechanics of getting fibres spun works so that when "spin yarn"-textilecraft option is chosen you'll be asked to choose from the inventory which fibres to spin.
After that you'll be informed how much yarn you can expect to get from that, and can select how much you wish to produce now.
And then the spinning starts, with a spindle or by hand.

During the playtest I've spun (magically generated) nettle fibres, but we'll be also making hemp as fibre source. The fibre processing keeps track of the master plant so the plant identity is easily turned into resulting yarn. Nettle yarn, hemp yarn, and so on. Flax is naturally something to think of. We'll see if it fits into this version.

Now as the yarn generation from the fibres is working we'll be also adding yarns as village items, so instead of spinning your own you can also trade your yarn from some cultures.
The big question still being pondered is how expensive yarn should be? It's hard work to spin yarn with a spindle, takes about minute to produce three feet (or a meter).

Next up, coding and testing the preceeding steps; retting and drying and extracting fibres.

A few screenshots follow.

Skills screen with TEXTILECRAFT in place.

After choosing the bundle of fibre to spin there's dialog asking how much of yarn Kuitu Kaumolainen wishes to produce on this go.

March 24, 2021, 07:08:44 PM
The Moon and The Crust Erkka was visiting me last weekend and some really exciting weather engine achievements and accompanying real life adventures were made.
Now there are two new essential weather features on the table - both still somewhat under construction, but most likely to be seen in the next version.

And the features are...

* The moon.

Our weather engine now models the moon in detail, with its' changing phases and moonlight affecting to the nighttime visibility and brightness.
Lots of tuning is still pending, but we can already see that the full-moon nights in the game will be a different experience.
Especially during the darkest seasons moonlight can be a of great help and extended the available hours for working, hunting or travelling.
Just have a look at the screenshot compilation below.

Left: A casual midnight by the lake in dirt month as it appears currently in the game.
Right: The same scenery with the new moon code in action. It's full moon and our nighttime visibility is a much different.

* Snow crust

Snow crust is a springtime phenomena where surface of the snowpack becomes so hard that it can completely support a walking or skiing person.
The crust results from partial melting of the snow surface by warm spring day sunlight followed by re-freezing when the temperature drops again, usually after the sunset.
The crust normally only lasts for part of the day, but being able to travel on snow without sinking in there at all is a great asset for a hunter.
Elks were traditionally hunted on skis during crust as it can't support the heavy animals and hunter gliding on crust with skis now became much faster than their prey.
Lots of work is still needed before snow crust support is all coded, but that's the intention. Now it also requires proper snow penalty to be added for NPCs and animals, and reworking the skiing code to some extent too. (And if you were thinking of skiing NPCs so were we.)

The last weekend it was both full moon and snow crust possibility, so we also went experiencing these things in real life.
Naturally these both are familiar experiences already, and as countryside kids we've learned possibilities of snow crust for work and leisure all the way from our childhood.
But if you'd like to see the magic of skiing in moonlight without any artificial light, or get an idea about difference between skiing in slushy spring snow compared  to the crust, we've got a short videoclip for you:

March 29, 2021, 05:36:42 PM
We're getting closer and closer to new release We've pretty much finished the actual coding of upcoming release, version 3.70.  Or it's more like we have to seize adding new features now if it's going to be released this month.

Few of the initially planned features actually needed to be postponed for later, for example skiing NPCs. However, as there's now snow penalty functioning for NPCs and animals it will be kind of like payback time version. See, NPCs have been trudging through the snow ever so easily for many versions, but our skiing characters really have an advantage - for at least sometime.

It's likely that 3.70 will be first released as beta version, and it will still grow with lesser features as we continue to work towards the final stable release.

If nothing too complicated comes up with our test runs we'll start wrapping the release up in a week or two.

June 16, 2021, 04:11:46 PM
3.70 beta, the weather, and the forecast If you are playing 3.70beta with migrated character there's one trick you should know.
Due to migration issue the weather gets corrupt at some point and to avoid that you should delete WEATHER.DAT file in the migrated character's folder.
Do the file delete when the game is not running, and once it's done there are no further troubles with it.
With new characters it's all working nicely from the very beginning.

We're confirmed to have the above issue and few other lesser troubles fixed for all platforms the next week. That's a new beta release forecast.

July 07, 2021, 10:41:05 AM
3.70 beta-3 released on Steam, and for lifetimers 3.70 beta-3 update to fix a few bugs has been released for Windows, Linux and OSX on Steam, Itch.Io and for lifetimers at the designated forum section.

On Windows version the listed bugs have been remedied already, but now all the supported platforms are in sync.
With this patch there should be no critical beta bugs anymore, and polishing the lesser annoyances continues.


Version: 3.70 (beta 3)

** Saved characters from version 3.50-> are compatible with this version. **


This is a beta release. There are likely bugs, things are still somewhat under construction, and some of the listed improvements will be tweaked and polished further in patches to follow.

- fixed: weather for migrated characters getting corrupted

Migrated characters now experience reset of the weather upon loading them in 3.70 beta3. So the weather of migrated characters isn't exactly same as when they were saved, but as the reset is based on time of the year the change is most often quite unnoticeable.

- fixed: laggy movement on some map areas

This was related to how seeing through saplings was handled, and on some occasions data checks endedup in slow loop.

- fixed: domestic animals triggering your traps

- fixed: small weight units (g, oz) shown in carried load statistics together with false basic unit (kg, lb)

Now carried load is shown in basic units - either kg or lbs.

- fixed: character creation modes "easy" and "too easy" unexpectedly quit due to option points miscalculations

- typo: "kgs" abbreviation used in metric system units.

It's now always singular "kg", as it should be.



July 13, 2021, 10:25:46 PM
Re: [3.70b] Villagers crowding around dropped lumber for sale I guess this has been around ever since villagers reclaiming their stuff was introduced.
If the stack is too heavy they just try, and try, and try - and practically never give up.
Now I've adjusted it so that they try to pick up these excess loads in smaller stacks. And if that fails also they will eventually give up.

Fixed/adjusted - persists in 3.70beta3.

August 14, 2021, 11:19:14 AM
Re: Aren't dogs die of cold? Dogs don't freeze to death, but they can drown when not following a player traveling on water (beware of circling single tile lakes when the ice is unsafe, as the dog may take shortcuts and plunge through).

No idea what the dog was up to, though.

August 25, 2021, 11:33:44 PM
Re: Aren't dogs die of cold? Dogs occasionally separate from their NPC owners and wander greatly. His focused move was likely moving toward his owner. Eventually, the dog and owner meet up again. In the meantime, it won't accept food from you and you cannot leash it.
August 26, 2021, 07:36:44 AM
The 30th jubileum, 47th birthday, and sort of a year off This year, in 2022, we are celebrating the 30th Jubileum of UnReal World.
The game was first released in the summer of 1992, so the 30-year milestone will be reached this summer.
Now what will this special year of celebration bring upon us, and the game?

When it comes to coding and development, I will be taking it real easy. It is likely that we'll see some updates to the game, but mostly I'll be devoting my time for variety of other things. So I'll kind of celebrate the 30 years of development by taking a year off from the usual coding flurry. This also allows me to better contemplate on the future of the game as there some challenging overhauls in our sight. One is moving to higher resolution and modern aspect ratio. The year is early, and these thoughts are scattered, so more news on this front will follow later on. But yes, it is truly so that I will take a year off from the usual, practical, hands-on development. Planning, brainstorming and a little something easy paced remains, though.

Nevertheless, during this year of celebration we will be bringing you some recreational content from the North, out and away from the development chambers. What it will be exactly remains to be seen, but I'm sure this year off will bring along many occasions, incidents, experiments or artistic projects to share or publish.  There are some ideas bubbling under already.

On this thursday, 27th of January, it will be my 47th birthday. I started working on UnReal World at the age of 15 and two years later,  at the age of 17, the first version was released to the public. Now the 30th Jubileum, or 47th birthday, may feel like an occasion to offer me a drink or something, and for that purpose I quickly created "buy me a coffee" page.
It's a simple support channel I've been asked to allow even earlier.  Now it's up and will remain so at least for this year.  I'll reserve the right to decide the drink to buy with your support :) , but big cheers anyway!
(And surely the regular donations page also works for gifting some squirrel hides.)

So these are the news to start this year with.  Feel free to comment or ask if something comes to your mind.

Sami (UnReal World creator)

The developer is currently out the office ...

He's skiing in the woods following two elks...

He will be back occasionally and eventually.

January 24, 2022, 03:01:22 PM
Sacrilege! My Reemi sword&bow character was working on getting some trade goods for salt and essentials. Found red wearing traders' camp.
They wanted my dog and I got some weapons and worn clothes and armor.
Amongst the piles of clothing, one item brought fury to Lauri's mind.

It's war, the red traders must die.

June 07, 2022, 04:48:20 AM